PassCode Bless Us Everyone

Well this should have been done yesterday, but curses be upon those who clog up our weekends with tasks instead of having fun.* In this case, super fun, as PassCode, undeniably one of the funnest things in idol but one that we’re altogether too deprived of over the past 18 months or so, is pretty much announcing that they’re back to full strength and ready to kick your stupid teeth in. Bless them.

For the uninitiated, it’s important to note that it was only a couple of years ago that Osaka’s flagship loudol unit was still very much a chika thing, playing larger clubs but overall a normal, completely accessible idol group that just so happened to be loud as all hell and fairly obvious to all with eyes and ears that they had a bright future ahead. They were one of the big breakout stars from the (epic in retrospects) 2015 Tokyo Idol Festival, which got them their major debut and kick-started what looked like an unstoppable growth phase — nobody else sounded like them, nobody else had a Yuna, and few could compete with the raw intensity of their lives. That they even hit a speed bump was just dumb, terrible circumstance. Anyway, I bring this up to point out that, at this sort-of new starting line, this is what their tour final looks like:

And what’s next?

PassCode, bless them, are finally ready to release their second major-label album, and they’re embarking on another big-ass tour.

“But wait,” you say, “I thought that PassCode had several releases like pretty recently!” Which would be true! It’s just that the only new new thing was the (very good) double A-side from a while back. Otherwise, an effective best-of and a West-only release were cool and good, but very obviously and sensibly there to tread water while the stars realigned. That there’ll be a new full album before we know it, plus DVD and stuff, makes me feel really great about PassCode’s 2019 and hope that they’ll finally get to capitalize on the fact that they top the charts in Honduras.**

As if in celebration, our blessed Yuna provided vocals for this commercial:

Now go get ’em!

*That’s a Task have Fun joke, yo
**That is not a joke; it’s cool as hell that PassCode is so popular in Honduras, but kind of random that it’s Honduras, so I hope they go there!