Parallel Japan Is Dead; Say Hi to PLICPROCK

Parallel Japan’s recent warning that they were done being Parallel Japan was meant very, very literally. Sari, Yui and Asumi are no longer in a group called Parallel Japan; now they’re PLICPROCK.

The big reveal’s going to come on the 28th, when they’ll headline a live featuring WiLL (who are cool), Hirano Yuri (Miracle Toybox etc., who is very cool) and Malcolm Mask McLaren. And maybe more! But that’s a pretty good show to put together.

I’m really happy for the Idols Formerly Known as Parallel. They haven’t had it easy since beginning life as a bunch of dancers who thought it might be better to do their own thing rather than support others; maybe this is the start of bigger things for them.

But can we take a minute to break down this name? Because PLICPROCK doesn’t make any damn sense, but Google reads the kana as “Prick Block,” which at least is words and if that’s what the name is supposed to be, can that please be an attempt to have it be COCKBLOCK? That’s the kind of thing we need in idol. Also, the hashtag #ぷりぷろ is “#prepro”, which is fine I guess?

9 thoughts on “Parallel Japan Is Dead; Say Hi to PLICPROCK

  1. Puripuro is good. I’ll take to just calling them Puripuro. I am glad to see them continue and I hope 2017 will make them even more visible.

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  3. lmao. I saw a recent video of just 2 of them on stage, and the group used to have like 6 members as far as I knew, so I wondered what would happen to them. Changing to a nonsense name is one option. It’s certainly better than disbanding!

    • They played a 2 member gig recently because Yui was sick.
      They did have 5 members once upon a time, but they’ve been stable at 3 since Aina and Kazumi bailed back in March 2015.

  4. Update: The name appears to be a portmanteau-ing of Rock and the French onomatopoeia ‘plic ploc’.
    Here’s Sari’s explanation (via Google translation) : “PLIC PLOC is rain sound in French, The sound of rainy banging sound
    It means that even if it is hit in many ways like rain in the meaning, it will rise up and rise without failing.”

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