Oyasumi Hologram Lives!

Last year’s devastating loss of Hachigatsu-chan felt like it would be curtains for Oyasumi Hologram. Yes, it was clear that the project would have some legs going forward (those videos of Kanamil and Ogawa made it clear), and arguably OYSM could have become a solo project of Kanamil’s and probably nobody would have batted an eye. And frankly, any continuation was going to be a good one, and so really could have come in any configuration. This, though? This goes far beyond anything I would have expected.

The “OYSM5” name they were using for the gig should have been the deadest of giveaways; also, hi Janice

Exciting! And our first real, uh, hearing of them will be in a few weeks when their group photobook drops along with a demo CD.

I was really curious about how this would all work out — for a hot minute I let myself be entertained by the idea of Ogawa singing and dancing — only for intrepid fans who were at the gig to provide all the detail anyone would need:

So good, two instrumentalists, three singers. I’m presuming that they’re going to stick with idol-like stuff, given the membership and OYSM’s history. And now I really want to hear that demo!