Owaranaide, Yoru: the Neverending Night is Breaking with “Momentary Light”

Although Owaranaide, Yoru is ending their current system in less than two weeks, the nocturnal foursome are embellishing their legacy with the release of a new song and MV, “Momentary Light”.  

UPDATE:  Perhaps “Momentary Night” was indeed momentary? The MV now seems to have been made private. 

UPDATE 2: It’s public again!

The song and MV were produced as the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign from earlier in the year.  Owa Yoru have consistently operated on the high end of production and performance values, and “Momentary Light” provides an appropriately dark and opulent bookend to the tenure of the current lineup.

We don’t know what form, if any, Owa Yoru will take following September 20th (almost three years exactly from their first appearance). “Ending the current system” could mean any number of things, from an instant reboot with new members to permanent hiatus. Whatever the future holds, the end of this current generation is certainly bittersweet. While their signature mix of ethereal wave, piano jazz and organic noise is truly noteworthy, the group has been perpetually underrated among the idol units that dabble in dream pop genres. In particular, their 2020 album, Kore wo Ame to Yobunonara, is extraordinary. Unfortunately, it’s December release date buried it among the holiday distractions and it slipped under the radar for inclusion in much of the “best of the year” buzz.

With a name that translates to, “the night never ends”, it is hard to imagine that the project will be over. We will be watching closely to see what form Owaranaide, Yoru takes and wish Owl, Nitta, Emma and Lou the very best as the foursome leave us this beautiful and melancholy song to remember them by.