Our Cup Runneth Over with New Yanakoto Sotto Mute

The perfect modern idols have a new single on the way! That isn’t new-news, but I needed an easy intro. So: New single. Next week. This is excellent. I’m genuinely surprised every time I see it referred to as their second major — the timeline’s broken, see — but not half as surprised as about the live-fan-comment-MV-clip-reveal thing they did last week*, a neat gimmick if nothing else.

The official release is Wednesday, but yesterday we were graced with the MV and of course it’s just the most YSM thing you can possibly imagine:

Well now I fell a little silly about the exegesis on this lovely, genre-busting sound that I spent yesterday for Sway Emotions Slightly! Like, you could almost transpose the exact same lines from that post to this one, swap names and links, and then briefly rewrite the wee blurb on the MV — in this case, yes, this is the kind that I giggle about — and done! The big difference between the two, other than experience and general aesthetic, is probably just that SES doesn’t go for the same overwhelming emotional surges that YSM will bust out. Which, obviously, is fine. I’m just glad to have two options playing so blatantly with all of my biases in the same window of operation.

I’ve really missed Yanamyu this year. They’ve always been more of a content-in-bulk kind of group, anyway, but the pandemic-induced limitations on activity make that approach feel acutely, I don’t know, almost cruel. Like, if I don’t hear one of those patented Mani rises on a new song at least once every few months, I start to get a little punchy. And then you pile on my own hiatus (definitely real-time missed their best work this year, imo) and the word for the day is “dissatisfaction,” children. This new single is already going a long way toward rectifying that!

*I have to admit that I checked it out on Saturday and there was so much chatter on the screen that I felt like I was having a stroke.