Oshi Digest #28: Melody


I know that we all want it to be another new track for NECRONOMIDOL, but let’s be frank — we all know that it’s cover for a summoning ritual that can only be discerned by human minds if you play the entirety of “STRANGE AEONS” backwards, on vinyl, which you will protest is impossible as there is not only not a vinyl release yet, but the single came in two versions and the only way to have all tracks in one place is to do the digital download. THIS IS PRECISELY THE CHALLENGE! It is also why Oshi is incredibly disappointed in our efforts so far; there will be suffering. Sweet, glorious suffering.

Oshi is feline:

Oshi seems to have a disciple:

Oshi has adequate levels of support:

Oshi may be the last thing you see before you die:


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