Oshi Digest #27: Vamp

Shame and an eternity of agonizing pain be upon you if you have somehow missed Oshi’s amazing solo work from her “birthday” celebration:

Fun fact: After 1,000 views of this video, 666 randomly selected initiates will bodily descend into the darkest hell!

I warned you people; Oshi, and Necroma with her, are on a vital mission, and we are in the process of being enlisted to the cause. Show this video to everybody you can, and share the dark gospel of NECRONOMIDOL, for the day is fast approaching when no amount of resurrected corpses will be enough to save the world from the extradimensional horrors that await just on the other side of the rapidly thinning veil. Deep within the song, within each look and gesture and note, are instructions from Oshi on how we must proceed. Make haste!

Oshi loves JyuJyu!

Oshi does not follow the rules:

Oshi’s English continues to improve!

Oshi needs to put more on Instagram!