Oshi Digest #10: Invitation

I cannot believe that I might get a chance to meet Oshi live and in-Transdimensional Undead Demigod. What an incredible privilege, even if the rumors are true (they are not; Oshi doesn’t wear makeup). There hasn’t been an official-official announcement yet, but I’ve been assured that one is forthcoming. I can also imagine that Oshi is absolutely brimming with anticipation of devouring so very many souls.

Look at this goddess:

Oshi wishes Leader a happy birthday, secretly jealous because she doesn’t have a birthday of her own, but also planning on giving her friend lots of shit for being a Tom & Jerry fan:

It must be getting chilly in Tokyo:

Remember: Oshi will always show you grace if you offer up a piece of your essence via art:

I’m comfortable with seeing this right before my heart is ripped from my body and fed directly to Apep: