Osaka Shunkashuto Takes Hint, Rocks

Well shut my stupid mouth. I guess ol’ Osaka Shunkashuto had a little rawk left in them after all:

I don’t know one way or another what drove the creative decision to sound more like what made SSFW such a must-catch in the first place, but I’m going to flatter myself and many others by saying that it’s because we complained a lot about pretty much everything that Syukasyun’s done lately, especially in the last year. Well, everybody except those handful of you who really liked “NEW ME.”

Also, this is apparently the best that Avex money can do for what used to be one of the hottest emerging talents in idol? Yikes. Maybe that’s why I’m hedging my emotional bets a little bit, though I’ll offer that, if this is the space where SSFW is going to live from now on, I can support that in full — they were always at their best as a fun, party-rockin’ kind of low-seriousness project, and hey, that’s exactly what this is! But damn, totally indie, self-funded idol projects (ahem) manage to creative much more dynamic content.

And yet, here they are on Avex, about two years removed from the jump from the indies to Fujiyama Project, so what do I know? Maybe it’s the spark they need!

I slay me

3 thoughts on “Osaka Shunkashuto Takes Hint, Rocks

  1. This might be my favorite Osaka Shunkashuto song? It’s a quite good song, the only big critique i have is that the “rapping” kind of sucks. And then there is the video…

    They are obviously quite talented dancers but their choreography at times looks real awkward and sort of like “old prospector mixed with Russian Hardbass” and their attempts at “‘tude” and “swagger” are SUPER BAD.
    But just listening to the song on it’s own is enjoyable and i have played it quite a bit.

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