One More Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Album Teaser, Why Not?

Go listen to the track:

This is astonishing. WHO’S THAT ON GROWLS?

And then you know that we’re going to have all of the good stuff after the jump, right?


Here’s the always-there file.


ねぇ君は信じられる? 僕の ”飢え” ”枯渇” “嫉妬”
へぇ常に信じてられる? 奥の深い部分を
ちらい。Don’t cry anymore

忘れない 変わった日 その質感
喉乾き 胸搔きむしる苦しみを
And the pleasure , The loss later
You’reサイレントlight and no!

True Chaos 潤ペイン したたる君”秘め事”僕だけの至福
狂うBRAIN True Chaos so sweet…


True Chaos 狂うBRAIN 君が僕をそうした。禁断を齧る
巣食うTRIBE 夢遊病? そう…
True Chaos 潤ペイン したたる僕”忌み者”徘徊と咀嚼
True Chaos True Chaos…?

4 thoughts on “One More Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Album Teaser, Why Not?

  1. Aza did the shout on shitendplacebo and has been known to demonstrate her scream occasionally on interviews, but it sounds a little different to her usual style so I suspect it may In fact be mashiro who has shown she can scream on occasion to during live performances and had that desperate tone to her voice when she gets raspy

    • On repeated listens, yeah it’s Aza, went and found some footage of her doing it in a interview matchs up pretty well.

  2. I’m actually in time for one of the 2 hour windows for once. Bless.

    Anyway on first listen I am really feeling this song, it’s one of my favourites from the previews so far. World End Crisis is still the best one imo but none of these songs are letting me down. Hype.

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