One More Pre-call for the Best of 2017

Kerrie, bless you for doing this, but let’s all prepare ourselves for the entire nomination and voting process to be spoiled by somebody dropping the greatest works of all entirely in the final week of November.

Oh, what’s this, a reminder? Yep, I’m here to pester you all again regarding this year’s Best Of awards. Last year’s Best Of 2016 nomination process was a bit chaotic, so throughout the year, I’ve been keeping a thread going in order to keep track of anything of note that has happened over 2017, from releases, graduations and just things that pissed off/delighted you throughout the year so far! However, I’m merely one foolish woman, so it’s easy for me to forget things, which is where you come in!

In case you had forgotten last year’s winners, here’s the full coverage of Best Of 2016, to remind yourselves of a simpler time when BiSH ruled over everything and Momoland was probably just a sperm cell in her father’s anatomy. I promise that this year I’ll do much better Photoshop edits for the winners (I didn’t expect last year to be so hectic, you know?)

If you’re wondering what my list of potential early nominations for Best Of 2017 is, here you go. Huge thanks to everyone in the forums, Twitter and Facebook who have also added to this list so far! And please keep adding in the comments! We’ll have to cut the whole list down to just a handful of nominees for each award, but we need to make sure that we’re really including all of the best stuff.

Collaboration of the year:
Guso Drop/Necronomidol
Aina The End/Teddyloid
Oomori Seiko/Everyone (Kerrie note: I’m including Homicidol Legends in this, fight me)
TOWA Tei/Ano
There There Theres/This Is Japan/Maison Book Girl
Guso Drop/Malcolm Mask McLaren
THE Natsu no Mamono/Everyone
Hauptharmonie/Tapferkeit Band
Screaming Sixties/I Love You Orchestra
Bokura no Ooyugi/Mugen Regina

Video Of The Year:
Ribbon – Sora Sob Sakana
Lily – Yanakoto Sotto Mute
BYE BYE – Billie Idle
Bìngndere Sickness – Yamitsuki Company
Watashi ga Nakou Hototogisu – Jun Togawa & Vampillia
REM – TOWA TEI with Ano (You’ll Melt More)
Wagamama Shinsei Hominina – Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da
ITHAQUA – Necronomidol
Hito no Kana de Yakiniku Tabetai – Gokigen Teikoku
Bababa-Ba Baumkuchen★ – Shiina Pikarin
Rooms – Maison Book Girl
Awake – Yanakoto Sotto Mute
Dawnslayer – Necronomidol

Debut Of The Year:
Includes first physical or video releases, includes Dec. 2016)
Momoland/Pan Luna Leafy (BiS)
There There Theres
Migma Shelter
Clock & Botan
Deadlift Lolita
Himegoto Zettaichi
Yamitsuki Company
The new CY8ER members
Togaren/Mene (Zenkimi)
Up Up Girls 2
Nagi/Rin (Gokigen Teikoku)
Tenri (Cure)
Minna no Kodomochan
Himari Tsukishiro (NECRONOMIDOL)
Candeye Syrup
Kaqriyo Terror Architect

Album Of The Year:
Bloodthirst – Yajima Mai
Cinema Trip – PASSPO
A Kick To The Brainpan – Himekyun Fruit Can
DEATHLESS – Necronomidol
Kichixxxgaia – Oomori Seiko
Image – Maison Book Girl
BUBBLE – Yanakoto Sotto Mute
Owari to hajimari – team syachihoko
Brass! Brass!! Brass!!! – Hauptharmonie und Tapferkeit Band
Zenith – PassCode
Egoistic Eat Issues – Zenbu Kimi No Sei Da
discopsychedelica – You’ll Melt More!
Smile Again – Koutei Camera Gal

B-Side Of The Year:
Help!! – BiSH
Live Fast Die Young – Neve Slide Down
Lost – PassCode
Catharsis – PassCode
Easter Bunny – Ladybaby
Ladybaby Blue – Ladybaby
Did Not – BiS
Penninsula – Gang Parade
Close Your Eyes – Gang Parade
Pelican – There There Theres
Kodokuna kemono – You’ll Melt More

Performance Of The Year:
Solitude Hotel 3F (Maison Book Girl)
The Spunky’s final live
Especia’s final live
BiSH New Year Premium Party
WACK Exhibition
Tsurezure’s Canadian tour
Necroma’s Europe tour
Bellring Girls Heart – HELLO WORLD (Ayano, Mizuho and Kanra’s graduation)
There There Theres – GOOD MORNING WORLD
Babymetal – Giant Fox Festival
Babyraids Japan @J-Pop Summit
BiSH – NEVERMiND TOUR FiNAL at Zepp Tokyo on 3/19
Guso Drop at Zepp Tokyo
BiSH – NEVERMiND ReLoaded Tour Final
The 53-song Periscope CY8ER Performance

Saddest Graduation/Disbandment:
The Spunky
Gomochi and Aza (Zenkimi)
Phantom Voice
Kazuki (Gokigen Teikoku)
Minami & Ayano (Up Up Girls (Kari))
Everyone (Himekyun Fruit Can)
Guso Drop
Mene (Zenkimi)
Mutsumi (Living Dead I Dolls)
Misaki & Hikari (Drop)
Deep Girl
Everyone (DISDOL)

Letdown of the Year
(NOTE: These nominations were based on a mix of reactions from the fans I’ve seen so far, as well as suggestions in the forums (I mean, I actually enjoyed all the songs that were nominated!) Please don’t start any arguments over this. If you disagree with any of these, you can always just vote them out when the time comes to narrow down the nominations)
Promise The Star – BiSH
The Aina/Teddyloid Collab
The WACK Auditions 2k17
New Me – Osaka Shunakashuto
The Ice Cream Suicide/ANFORT discourse
Jun Togawa’s Valentines live stream being unavailable to rewatch (see Surprise Of The Year)
Himekyun Fruit Can graduating all existing members and rebooting with a totally new lineup
How WACK handled Ubu’s sick leave
Pour Lui getting suspended from BiS for failing DiET OR DiE
The Tokyo Girls documentary

Surprise Of The Year:
The Aya/Saki swapsies between BiS and Gang Parade
Tsurezure visiting Canada
Jun Togawa’s first public appearance in 20 years
BiSH doing the theme song for a kid’s anime
Guso Drop’s Painfully Violent MV
Mashiro (ex-Deep Girl) and Anna (Ex-BGH/ICS) joining CY8ER
nicamoq leaving CY8ER/BPM15Q
PassCode’s major debut album
Zenkimi releasing solo songs from each member
Necronomidol’s Rei debuting as a soloist
Babymetal doing the theme song for the Unikitty cartoon
Ex-Gokigen’s Kazuki and “Terayama Yufu” 2.0 from the WACK audition are back, and they’re competing in Miss ID!
Necronomidol’s European tour
Non (ex-Deep Girl) joining Candye Syrup

Single Of The Year:
Upstairs Down – There There Theres
Pelo – Ladybaby
Promise The Star – BiSH
Foul – Gang Parade
Chinppoke Hero – 2&
Bite The Bullet – PassCode
Don’t Stop – Q’uelle
Miss Sins – Tsurezure
Kodoko to Gyakuushu – YMM
Sophomore Sick Sacrifice – Zenkimi
Bìngndere Sickness – Yamitsuki Company
New Me – Osaka Shunkashuto
GYUNYU Kakumei – Shonen ga Milk/Milcboy
cocoon – sora tob sakana
bordeaux – malcolm mask mclaren
Kuro ito – jyujyu
boyfriend – wakita monari
Dawnslayer – Necronomidol
Gloomy – Clock & Botan
painfully violent – Guso Drop
Hito no Kana de Yakiniku Tabetai – Gokigen Teikoku
Bababa-Ba Baumkuchen★ – Shiina Pikarin
Rooms – Maison Book Girl
Shuwa Shuwa – Dots
CD – Dots
Pinky! Pinky! – Ladybaby
Kakushemu – CY8ER
Dawnslayer – Necronomidol

Song Of The Year
Yanakoto Sotto Mute – “Lily”
Mashiro (from Zenbu Kimi no Sei da) – “DyingCRY”
Volcano – NATASHA

Next Year’s Breakthrough To-Be
(None yet, I deliberately refused to put anything down until the second half of the year at the earliest!)

Idol Of The Year
(See Breakthrough)

Open to Hilarious New Awards!

Most Bizarre Use Of British Appropriation By An Idol Group
(This isn’t an official entry, but look, I’m sure if we ask Maniac reeeeeally nicely and slip him a few bribes he might allow it)

  • Kaqriyo Terror Architect’s first promo photo being full of English schoolyard insults
  • Mr Blobby joins Sakigake New Game
  • Buono! (rip) putting the union jack on everything, despite their name actually being Italian
  • Necronomidol going one step further and actually doing a show in the UK

For real, if you have a suggestion for a cool Of the Year, please do suggest and also list nominations

As you can tell, some of these categories are packed to the brim, while others don’t have anything at all, so once again, your nominations are much appreciated! I know some of you can’t access the forums, so if you’d prefer, feel welcome to add your nominations in the comments! A couple of months from now, we’ll do a final call for nominations and then start narrowing down the list, so keep adding suggestions whever you see something interesting! Thanks a bunch!