One Man’s Trip to See PassCode in Taipei and Are You Jealous Yet?

The idol experience isn’t something that a lot of us get to enjoy — due to distance, finance and other pressures, we resign ourselves to YouTube and Twitter and fan communities, and we hope against hope that maybe someday the performers we love the most will wind up within easy travel distance of our homes. But it’s kind of lame!

What we do like is to live vicariously through others, whether it’s fans in Japan, fans who go to Japan or the really lucky ducks who do get to see idols close to home. Like, we all enjoyed Garry’s reports from Tokyo, and Phillter’s, because they gave us a look in on a world that seems so close and so far away all at the same time.

Our pal Rain got to live the dream just a few days ago, when PassCode hit Taipei, and he shared his experience on his own website.

The gig starts. Nao -who’d also be screaming herself hoarse warming up the crowd with each “live”- stumbled adorably with an English introduction. Everything that came after was a blur, where I was surely clapping at the clapping parts, and not participating in the fist-pumping parts, which after other similar events, I’ve since concluded was an unnatural gesture for me. Sure, my eye was on Yuna, and what I’ve seen on captured live video was true: blood-curling as her screams were, she was sure to be smiling when she could. I bet we all were smiling ourselves silly though. Bodies flew, and mine was used to prop others to a two-human height a few times, a staple move with PassCode crowds.

Go read the whole thing, and tell Rain exactly how much you hate him.

4 thoughts on “One Man’s Trip to See PassCode in Taipei and Are You Jealous Yet?

  1. Every international idol fan should make the trip to Japan and see their favorites. It takes some saving & planning but it’s so totally worth it. Went last year I did just that, going back next year to do it again. Cheki time is time well spent! 😉

    • I’ve had the essential Japanese idol encounters all outside of Japan, and I could champion the merits, but the main thing is: the crowd is bound to be smaller, and the proximity between you and the group will just be much closer.

    • The few seconds of life where you want the cheki to look awesome but you can’t make a mistake, so you revert to a plain quarter smile because I don’t matter much in the photo anyway.

      Yuna was like a girl bro, didn’t really mind how physically close she is with the fans.

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