Old School Idolcore Fans, Come Enjoy the 340.29m/s EP with Me

Without quite going right back over the same kind of territory that I covered in my original Let’s Discover of these folks, I say again that I loved me some sugartrap, and while 340.29m/s isn’t a 1:1 there, they’re still in the same musical tradition, which is to say idolcore from that glorious 2014-17(?) period when the synths were as heavy as the percussion and the shark hadn’t quite been jumped just yet. Yes, of course some groups were better than others in the first place, and the ones that did rise from the chika morass to make something more of themselves than a handful of CD-Rs and hundreds if not thousands of stilted cheki usually did so on the backs of bigger funding and a running start, but to me idolcore (and I specifically mean this exact flavor of idolcore) is and will always be the sound of Getting Into Idol.

Not a whole lot of groups are still doing it, though, is the point. There are a few, for sure, but even the remnants of acts from that era have either moved on musically or moved up, if you get my meaning. Idol’s a business, after all, and even the most meager of amateur friends-on-a-lark acts would probably prefer to do things that people want to see and hear. And that, for me, is part of the charm of the idolcore die-hards — they’re like Saxon or (gods help us all) Whitesnake in that they could stop at any time, but there are still enough fans to support them that there’s really no reason to change.

This post was supposed to be more of a celebration of 340.29m/s and the release of the record and I went and turned it into a backhanded celebration of commitment. So let’s re-tool real quick-like and actually listen to the dang record! Which those of you who nodded at any point in the preceding two paragraphs will probably like a whole lot if you haven’t already given it several spins! But I think you’ll agree with me that, while the sound is a certain kind of nostalgic, it’s also fresh and good.

See? I’m actually playing it again while I write this, and I’m enjoying in particular the parts that aren’t idolcore necessarily, like the much more straightforward easycore kind of sound to “Songs of the Future We Weave”. It’s a smart EP in that regard, a nice mix of sounds that all play as well together as they do to the members’ strengths. If you’re really just here for that idolcore fix, though, stick to “EyeS” (also below) and “NEVER END”; if what I swear sounds like a vocaloid track with human voices is more your speed, try out “I love you!!” which, incidentally, is the highlight of the record for me.

It is tradition around these parts to include some kind of video for these posts, but … let’s just say that manager-san doesn’t seem to have the same approach, so the next-best option is something we’ve seen before. Ol’ “EyeS” here is a couple of months old now and I think is meant to serve as the promo, even though it’s a couple of months old now:

Good times.