Oh Yeah, There Was Also New uijin Yesterday, Too

My bad! But give me a break, I’m away for work and paying approximately ~35 percent attention to everything.

In this case, Terry popped this live video into the Alt-Idol Facebook group, and I knew that I’d need to come back to it at some point.

I’m yet to hear a uijin song that I don’t immediately have a positive reaction to; they’re like if you combined Guso Drop with something as sunshiney-capable as Letters to Cleo, or if the original BiS quintet had experimented more with pop punk. It’s a cool sound, they look cool (or, rather, look overheated and I wonder if they don’t need a wardrobe change for the stage), and they’re in a neat performance milieu in that they’re out with everybody from NEVE SLIDE DOWN to Living Dead I Dolls on the regular — there’s a good chance that a next big thing will full-on emerge from that collection of idols in the not-too-distance future, and uijin’s got as good a chance of that as anybody.