Oh, So This Is Why People Like PIIIIIIIN

Once upon a time, while I was compiling the groups that I wanted to launch this site with and putting those groups into categories and, yes, judging whether they rocked/were frightening enough to include, I had PIIIIIIIN as an assignment (Twitter) And I listened to a couple of songs and ultimately thought “this goes in the later pile.”

But because I spend a lot of my down time crawling around YouTube and Soundcloud for newer stuff, I often get brought back around to “later pile” groups, and in this case I had a newer track come up in a related list, and I came back to “oh yeah, I wanted to look at PIIIIIIIN again after a minute,” and I’d just had occasion to mention them, so I bit.

My first thought in looking through their channel: “This is what a punkier Alice Project unit would sound like.”

That’s a good song! And they have not a small number of good songs that go with it! (Though I do take some exception with the use of “#METAL” as a tag, because no.)

Of course this warranted a look at their YouTube. I think I liked this one best:

We just profiled The Spunky; sticking to a punky theme made sense.

Anyway, PIIIIIIIN is a lot cooler than I remembered, a rock ‘n’ roll junior unit that puts the idol’s ability to do a little bit of everything to make enjoyable music and put on a fun show. Their third anniversary is apparently this year, so they’re on a “Road to ZEPP Diver City,” which is possibly the cutest thing ever.

See you around, PIIIIIIIN. We’ll be keeping an eye out.

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