Oh, So This Is What Happened to Those DEVIL GUN Lyric Videos

This news is actually a couple of days old, but it’s funny.

So by way of background: DEVIL GUN, if you weren’t aware, is one of the three groups launched by the newish ANFORT agency a few months ago. The leader of sorts and most notable was ICE CREAM SUICIDE, whose I.S.C.R.E.A.M. EP is not bad but who managed to get expectations of Death by Music so high that their denpa-rock hybrid sound at debut was met with obligatory polite surprise and a whole lot of WTF online.

DEVIL GUN, on the other hand, took forever to debut (but not as long as PANIC MAGIC!), but at least had the promise of being the heavy part of the ANFORT trio behind them, and some teaser stuff here and there to back it up. We were excited, and even moreso when they made it known that they’d be releasing one lyric video per week during the month of December. Finally, we’d all get a chance to experience DEVIL GUN as they were meant to be experienced!

And then the stupid videos never came.

So here we are. If you can’t Japanese or are disinclined to use translators or are just plain not in the stupid mood to click the link, the gist of the deal is that one of the members (the one that isn’t Botan or Kaai, it no longer matters) was being wishy-washy about this whole idol business because, you know, high school and stuff, and that had held up appearances and studio work since the beginning of December, OH AND BY THE WAY SHE WAS SERIOUSLY IN BREACH OF CONTRACT and that’s why the videos haven’t happened yet, but they totally will you guys we swear it.

So, okay, point and laugh a little bit. I believe for precisely zero seconds that the member did anything against her contract (show me the photos, basically), and this is just ANFORT trying to save some face on account of being disorganized and over-promised. Literally nothing in idol surprises me anymore; it could be that no production on any video was ever done (we do know that they have some recorded music), and an incompetent (also unethical!) manager got a great opportunity to blame a teenager. Wouldn’t be the first time!

Anyway, what’s ultimately important is that the videos are coming after they get another member and/or re-record the vocals. At this point, it’s going to take some life-changing brutality to get people switched back on to Excited about DEVIL GUN.

3 thoughts on “Oh, So This Is What Happened to Those DEVIL GUN Lyric Videos

  1. I’m guessing Rechi’s “serious breach of contract” was going to management while they were sobering up during their 6 hour “mahjong & sake break” and asking when will the group finally get something done.

    ANFORT needs to be a bit more attentive or they can turn themselves into a meme for the Idol industry.

  2. Heh…. ANFORT has now replaced Showroom in my mind as the worst management company in idol today. I will fight anyone that disagrees.

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