Oh Snap, Gekijo-ban Had a New MV Yesterday

It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, and what luck that the indiest idols of all, Gokigen Teikoku, released an MV for the song long known as “HKYT” but is here titled “I want to eat yakiniku with people’s money” because okay.

Warning: This is so infectious that you may need to have it surgically removed from your brain.


My favorite part, other than the drinking, was when shit went completely off the rails and multiple animals were at the table.

They even released a making-of companion video:

Gekijo-ban must be doing okay, by the way, as that’s two professional MVs in just a few months — that’s a lot for indies to put together, but these lovable weirdos have definitely found a way of doing business that works for them.

4 thoughts on “Oh Snap, Gekijo-ban Had a New MV Yesterday

  1. It’s not “because okay” that it is titled that way, HKYT is the acronym for Hito no Kane de Yakiniku Tabetai — which means what you said or, as you agreed on twitter, “I want someone to treat me to yakiniku”.

    As for the MV itself, it’s good, it’s of high-quality, but I actually was expecting even more silly stuff than just at the end. Given the ridiculous lyrics throughout the whole song, I think there was something with an even greater impact to do, and given the budget they’ve been allowed, they probably easily could’ve done so. I’m slightly disappointed, but hey, I’m still going to buy that CD if they ever release one!

      • I only knew that because they answered this question themselves in the comments section on one of their youtube videos. Someone asked what I was thinking, what does HKYT mean? Google translate helped with the rest.

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