Oh My Dog, Cutie Corpse Is Back!

Way back when this site was just a twinkle in my eye, I had this joke to myself — the idol scene was getting so weird and heavy-dependent that a deliberately uber-kawaii unit was basically an inevitability … and then into being sprang Cutie Corpse.

And then there wasn’t Cutie Corpse anymore. The project ultimately fell apart before it really got anywhere. And, honestly, it’s not like that anywhere was even anywhere at the time. Cutie Corpse became just a funny little footnote, and we all moved on with our lives.

And then …

So it’s Cutie Corpse Beyond now. That’s one way to move a brand forward, I guess.

One member for now:

With first appearances coming up on Sunday.

Here’s their better song:

So let’s see where that all takes us this time! Just for what it’s worth, you know how there’s the Alice Project? This is part of something called the Wendy Project. Literally, do your own math on that.