Oh Lord, ASP Has Kind of Landed

As well-documented by Cal the other day, new WACK unit ANAL SEX PENIS was pre-unveiled at the close of the company’s annual audition/boot camp/torture center. You’ll get more out of the experience by reading the post, honestly. I don’t need to re-explain it. But in the intervening time, which is to say like two whole days, the group shot past the original Twitter follower goal set by one Mr. Watanabe Junnosuke, so the goal posts were moved and have since been surpassed again, and whether that has anything to do with this first first audio sample from ASP isn’t as important as the possibility that at some point the stupid masks will come off, literally and figuratively, and we’ll know if this is another EMPiRE situation or more of a SiS.

Anyway, first song, for what it’s worth:

That’s fine. I’d probably like it a lot more if I weren’t convinced that the whole is an elaborate shitpost — like, if this were a BiSH song, I’d be ecstatic — and that the evidence in favor of said shitpost weren’t so heavy-handed. And I’m not even talking about the big, glaring (FAKE) on the song title, though those who’ve been through the wringer with Watanabe a few times no doubt eye that with a certain incredulity; the man is professionally exhausting. He’s in there, isn’t he? Just … I’m begging you, no tomfoolery for one minute.