Oh Look, Zekkyou’s Going Back over Their Torture-Wota Stuff Again

Updated to reflect Jul’s note in the comments

Screaming Sixties are just about the hardest-working idols in the business; when they aren’t performing, they’re traveling to perform, and/or creating various ridiculous scenarios. I don’t understand half of what’s going on, but they seem to be enjoying themselves, as do the fans who line up to take part in … I’m not sure. It’s like a funhouse of being turned into a prop or hit with things.

Anyway, Zekkyou’s been posting some of the greatest hits from their episodes with wota, kind of like how they did last year, and sharing the results on Twitter. I’m actually leaving out some activity (you can cruise through their whole stream for much of the fun); I just wanted to include some highlights.

Like Shoot-a-Wota:


Whatever this pile of bodies is:

Failing to hold crowdsurfers aloft!

They also did some of their seaside shenanigans:

What a bunch of weirdos.

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  1. These are video memories from the last few years. i.e. they are all old videos they’ve tweeted before but were going on a trip down memory lane and tweeting some highlights from the past again recently.

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