Oh, Living Dead I Dolls. Oh!

Sorry, guys, that’s probably not the best reaction to LDID’s little teaser that they put out at noon (Japan noon!) ahead of their show tonight, and I’d have preferred to have something cute (clever-cute, not kawaii-cute) to say about it, but this sucker just keeps growing and flying and then:


This is one of those times when having no Japanese is really hurting me. What does that message at the end say? Besides “this is where we’re performing tonight,” because I get it, it also says that, but is there more to the message? I’m not saying that to be clever, nor cute, but literally: Should I start to get irrationally excited about Living Dead I Dolls again, like I do every time they breathe loudly, or is it just, like, “hey, new song, get hype.” Because that’s pretty cool, too, anyway, because it sounds like a corker.