Oh, Good! There’s a Preview for Mistress’s Upcoming EP

Damn, do you guys remember Mistress, who are cool and good? You do, because I see you out there sharing live video all the time! But this it the first good development I’ve seen from them in a while, and you might only have about 1:40 to check it out even if the album preview has been taken down:

Would you trust me when I say that it was pretty solid?

This is also a trip, because the lyrics for “DECiSION” were written by none other than ex-petit pas!er Shinozaki Kokoro, whose recent appearances in others’ photographs had me wondering if she was going to make her move soon, and then I got to wondering if her move was really going to consist of getting more into production, and, well.

But good on you, Mistress, and good luck. You were one of last autumn’s stronger debuts; prove it.

If you needed more convincing, this song is called “nymphomania”:

At that point, I don’t even care what it sounds like

Pure Idol Heart independently wrote me about them, with this bit of info that I didn’t know:

You have seen at idol lives the circle pit form, you have seen SU-METAL call out for the pit, but Mistress goes one better, they call it out and then jump in and join the pit.

I ain’t complaining!

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