Oh FFS, BiS Is Doing a Marathon Now, Too


I was like, “Oh, message from the boss, that’s not good, I hope …” and then it was a bunch of mundane thoughts and then Watanabe’s like “we have a day off, how about a 100km marathon?”


Either everybody at WACK is in absurd physical condition OR he/Pour Lui doesn’t care about another Wacky incident OR these things are at least somewhat staged (remember, it took Saki almost 24 full hours to run her 100km in 2015) OR this is some kind of bizarre way to spark member drama.

I don’t know. I wish I could just not pay attention to this stuff; it might go away then, you know? But.

10 thoughts on “Oh FFS, BiS Is Doing a Marathon Now, Too

  1. So it turns out Watanabe didn’t think the marathon was cruel enough, so no they’re running a marathon, doing a gig every day, and eating nothing but rice throughout the RE:STUPiD tour.

    Wow, Watanabe, you asshole. #FreeBiS

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