Oh Em Gee, There’s a Dots EP

Can I confess something to you guys? I’ve been a little de-motivated lately. We had a super fun December with all of the Best Of stuff, and then the first few days of the new year were like a smorgasbord of music and video and announcements … and then not a whole hell of a lot happened. Now, granted, there are always new discoveries to look at, and it’s not completely quiet out there in the idolverse. It’s just … you know, sometimes you need a little kick to make things go. It’s winter, it’s cold, the sun never shines. Can’t something go off and add some excitement?


Yes! It’s a Dots EP! And it is marvelous!

More specifically, it’s the first half of a Dots EP, but you can listen to the full preview just by clicking the little circle doodads next to each title, and the other three songs are on the way. I’ll refrain from reviewing the thing until the rest of it’s released, but I’ll tell you that I already completely love what they’ve done (spoiler alert: We know two of those songs already).

Thank you, Enigmatic Brain-blowing Nine-member Idol Thing. You made my week five days after the fact.

5 thoughts on “Oh Em Gee, There’s a Dots EP

  1. I think the rest of it is the same three songs again, with Hatsune Miku doing the vocals. For some reason. We’ve had one of these already as a free download, not sure the other two will appear outside the CD-R version.

  2. The other three songs on the EP are just the same ones with a Vocaloid in place of the members, might not be worth waiting for that – also, I think their name is supposed to be read as “Dots Tokyo”?

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