Oh Dang, the Latest Batten Show Jo Tai Rocks

Batten Show Jo Tai! But-Show! Man, have I missed these girls. I mean, I’d have never really picked up on them at all if it weren’t for commenters being all, hey, you need to listen to Batten Show Jo Tai! And that’s fine; I am a reactor to and finder of things, neither the source nor the reliquary of the same. And as such, it’s perfectly reasonable that I might be able to go a very long time without hearing or seeing a thing and thereby temporarily forget about that thing, only to trip over it while fumbling in the dark (aka, YouTube) and get to have a moment like Batten Show Jo Tai!

The neat thing about not necessarily being beholden to chika idols, guilty of closely following them more by musical and stylistic associations than by, say, a preference means occasionally getting to wallow in the product of Big Idol, as But-show is part of Momoiro Clover Z’s family. But as part of Clean Momoclo, But-Show gets to delve into some unconventional musical territory, and it’s always a blast when they do.

Today’s entry, which is in fact a couple of weeks old, shame on me, is their sixth single, which totally coincidentally (OR WAS IT, YOUTUBE?!) released today; lest you think that everything done by But-Show is on the same level, I submit this semi-recent release that was about as fun as a wet towel:

That’s not the But-Show that I came to love!

So it’s nice that they decided to rock some more for us.