Of Screaming Spring Queens and Treasure

Hey gang! I invited back Pukovnik Krv to complete the saga he started a little while back, aka Screaming Sixties’ efforts in the Queen of Idol competition. Can you guess the result?

So, remember last week when I was writing a post about Zekkyousuru 60do’s participation in a competition on TV in which the winners would be crowned queens of the idol world? It finally aired.

In a spirited affair, reminiscent of Homicidol’s own Corenament, minus the spambots and cheating, Zekkyou took on the bathykolpian divas of KNU, who took victory in A block with the theme of performing in their own clothes, and the relatively tame Mirai Skirt of B block, with the theme of using dialects. The theme this time around was covering the debut songs of other artists.

KNU chose to cover “Odoru Ponpokorin” by B.B.Queens, Zekkyou covered Puffy’s “Asia no Junshin” and Mirai Skirt covered the amazing “Chokotto Love” by Pucchimoni. The voting was much as the previous rounds, with each group providing 30 fans, and the groups ranked from first to last to avoid just everyone voting for themselves.

Maniac: I skipped it ahead a little, but by all means go back to the beginning for the beer commercials and stuff

As we can see by watching, Zekkyou won with a very good 693 points, resulting in some tears from KNU. I think what won it for them was that the F (Zekkyou wota are called F, if you didn’t know) were having so much fun, even though the other two songs were more upbeat. Mirai Skirt’s fans in particular seemed to have no kind of impetus to move, and so a frankly awesome song ended up looking tame and boring. Meanwhile, the F were going a bit mental and dragging unrelated fans into their mix. In their thank you speech, Kai even said that Zekkyou’s strength is a mix between what they do on stage and what the fans do in the crowd. Today, she said, the fans were what won it.

So, where next? As winners, Zekkyou automatically won the right to narrate a TV Spot (seen at the end of the episode). The album is also coming, the touring is continuing, and with this victory I can see a little more mainstream attention coming their way.

Already Fifi, a Sun Music Talent from Egypt/Nagoya (because they go together so well) has weighed in saying she’d support them. Sun Music’s stock in trade with idols is usually highly geared to the cutesy type, with idols like Matsuda Seiko, Hayami Yuu, Sakurada Junko and Sanmyu all having been developed by the company. Could a change in agency be on the cards? Certainly, Sun Music’s financial power vastly outstrips A-minor, and it would open them up to a whole new audience. I think, in the end though, the indie side of life is where they belong.

Still though, a bright future and more good press for Zekkyou.

In other news, yesterday was Kai’s birthday*. Head over to her Twitter and wish her Happy Birthday. Having been raised in the US you can even do it in English if you like!

*Maniac sez: Yeah, Krv wrote this for a Saturday addition, and I was obviously out of touch for most of the day and didn’t even get to add it in time, but the point remains — go say nice things to Kai.

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  1. I haven’t heard Dancing Pompokolin or that Chokotto Love melody since DDR 4th Mix, haha

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