Of Foxes and Fools: BABYMETAL News + An April Fools Day Round-Up

Another Fox Day aka April Fools Day has come and gone and we are none the wiser for the experience. As followers of idol units who regularly pull inexplicably unbelievable things on any given day of the week, April Fools Day is always a bit confounding. I mean:

  • Are RAY really releasing a chiptune single? (no)
  • Is Especia really reuniting after 4 years for an anniversary show? (yes, they are
  • Is this group for real?

(I honestly don’t know)

Between the unbelievable news that isn’t true, and the unlikely news that is, we also have the real news that we just can’t make a lot of sense of. Case in point:

Those are actual words forming complete sentences and yet no substantial meaning has been conveyed.

What we can glean from all the various cryptic, April 1 announcements is that BABYMETAL is back open for business! A day after closing the doors on THE ONE fan club, BABYMETAL has launched THE OTHER ONE (seriously; on April Fools Day and it’s not a joke). To gain access to THE OTHER ONE you will need to purchase a BLACK BOX from A!SMART for ¥15,000.  This will gain a kitsune access to THE DIGITAL GALLERY where, beginning on April 27th , one will be able to “experience the new music and visual restoration process generated by algorithm of ‘METALVERSE'”.

That is about as clear as BABYMETAL lore ever is, but the disciples of the Fox God weren’t the only ones messing with our heads on April 1st. Here’s some other April Fools Day offerings from the world of alternative idol:

PassCode dropped the metalcore for everything sugar, spice and kawaii nice.

RAY suddenly transformed from shoegaze into chip tune idols.

KANKAKU≠LOGIC went all out, going so far as to create a Twitter account and MV for the launch of their yume kawaii alter egos.

Gothic, rockabilly art house unit Shihatsu-Machi Underground rebooted as Shuuden Magiwa☆ Stargazer!! (Hint: While “Shihatsu-Machi” means “waiting for the first train”, Shuuden Magiwa = “just before the last train”)

But they soon broke up due to artistic differences.

nuance added 2,020 new members.

After reading our recent expose on the men of alternative idol, OMNI666 added a 38 year-old man to their line-up.

Not to be outdone, Utsu-P joined Zsasz.

While DARE MO SHIRANAI. wholly transformed into a boy band named WH ☆☆☆

Wa-Suta converted from the “World Standard” to the “Tall Standard” after revealing that they all stand over 6’8″.

And last but not least, a cranky, Western idol blog made a direct hit on PLANCK STARS.

I know we missed a few. Come tell us about it over on the Homicidols Discord Server.