Now We Make Sense of the Best of the Year

There is an objective to this, you guys, so please do read before responding.

Clarifying comment added here

So this is why you crowdsource things — look at how much stuff we have in these nominations! And that’s a really great problem to have. It means that 2016 was a great year for our kinds of idols, and whoever winds up with these awards is going to have earned them.

But it’s still a problem! In fact, there are a few problems that came up along the way, so I need your feedback.

  • I think we need to establish some upper limits on the raw number of nominees per category. Feel free to disagree. But I’m suggesting a top five, MAX, for each category that isn’t Album of the Year (I think we can go as high as seven for that) and maybe Video of the Year (ditto). Your feedback is very important for this. 
  • To help break that down, in addition to your thoughts on a number cap, please list your must-haves in the categories — it doesn’t need to be up to the cap, just what from the nominees you think is essential.
  • Nominations are still open! But the catch is that, if you want to nominate something, you have to say what you definitely think does NOT belong in that category.
  • Earlier nominations are here and here, where lots of links to stuff live too; I’ve also added a few of my own personal favorites for purposes of discussion (remember, I’m keeping my own list; the competitive part of this TBA).
  • In each category, should we include multiple nominations per idol? For instance, Babymetal has several mentions in the Performance of the Year category. Okay, or should those be reduced to one?
  • We need clarification as to what constitutes a single vs. an EP vs. an album; you probably get what I’m talking about. This includes whether a single song released to promote an EP/album itself constitutes a single. Please take that into consideration when you’re shuffling this deck.
  • We also need clarification on what constitutes a debut, whether that’s a physical release or first time on stage or just “first” (like Tsurezure’s “debut” last December).
  • This is a community site, so whether certain nominees are genuinely site-appropriate is up to you; don’t let Maniac-would-disagree thoughts sway you.
  • You’ll probably come up with questions that I haven’t, so feel free to ask them.

(Also, laz and Paco: You guys both submitted a murder-ton of stuff; if you feel strongly about anything that I left out, say so and we can bring it back up, but I was trying to streamline a little.)

Okay? So the objective is to try to get down to a real core of stuff. Thank you for contributing so far, and pre-thank you for continuing down this ridiculous road.

Surprise of the Year

  • BiSurrection
  • The graduation announcement of Ayano and Mizuho from BRGH
  • Tentenko putting out a proper, non CD-R release
  • Deep Girl releasing “I kill”
  • NECRONOMIDOL releasing from chaos born

Letdown of the Year

  • Yasui Yuuhi graduating from Billie Idle
  • SiS debuting and then disbanding
  • Kanabun/Nozumu (SiS) not surviving the jump to GANG PARADE
  • Rum leaving Fruitpochette after only a month
  • The overhyped announcement of a live viewing at the end of Babymetal’s Black Night
  • GANG PARADE losing Maaya right after losing Ao
  • YouTube Red killing access in the West

Saddest Graduation

  • You’ll Melt More! melting more (Mone and Chibo)
  • Mizuho and Ayano graduating from Bellheart, and the group’s hiatus
  • Hug Me graduating from BiSH
  • Mina leaving Fruitpochette for actual health reasons
  • Ao graduating from GANG PARADE
  • Shirai graduating from JyuJyu [Maniac: Ironically having the Silver Lining of the Year!]

Collaboration of the Year

  • Oyasumi Hologram x VMO
  • Oyasumi Hologram x Open Reel Ensemble
  • Oyasumi Hologram x Bed-Inn
  • Oyasumi Hologram x Maison Book Girl
  • Ano (You’ll Melt More!) x Oomori Seiko
  • Jun Togawa x Hijokaidan
  • Hirano Nozomi x several other ex-BiS members
  • Kamen Joshi x Elsword
  • Kamen Joshi x Show By Rock
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei da x Shidare of Yukueshirezutsurezure
  • Zekkyosuru 60 Do x 6% Is Mine
  • (m)otocompo x Kit Cat
  • “that terrible Kai Bellheart and Beni Avandoned thing”
  • Tsuyogari Sensation x Yuusuke

Performance of the Year

  • Maison Book Girl – Next Music From Tokyo vol. 9 in Vancouver
  • BiSH Less Than Sex tour finale “Teiou Sekkai”
  • BiSH “Orchestra” live (it’s the same show, but nominated separately)
  • Babymetal – Tokyo Dome (both shows) [Maniac: Do Red Night and Black Night count separately?)
  • BiSH SHiNE repetition @ Zepp Tokyo 2016/08/24 (Ayuni D’s debut)
  • Babymetal — Download Festival
  • Babymetal — FortaRock/Netherlands
  • Bellring Girls Heart — Tokyo Dome City Hall
  • SiS — heavy sick zero
  • Oyasumi Hologram — Second One-man live Shibuya O-WEST
  • Goho Lolita Syndrome –「epilogue」Last One-man Live
  • Bellring Girls Heart, TIF Smile Garden

Debut of the Year

(additionally, can this be a member of a group, or a group, or a release?)

  • Hanako-san
  • Peri Ubu
  • The 3 surviving SiS members that were added to GANG PARADE
  • Akiba Kamen
  • Mikawa Kamen
  • Yanakoto Sotto Mute
  • Yukueshirezutsurezure “Antino未deology”
  • SiS
  • yandoll
  • Bokura no Oyugi
  • Kuroneko no Yuutsu
  • Zenryoku Shojo R

Performer of the Year

  • Aina The End
  • Hanako-san
  • Nakamoto Suzuka
  • Tachibanna Anna
  • Shiina Pikarin
  • Mashiro (Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da)
  • Kanra (BELLRING Girls Heart)
  • Rei (Guso Drop)
  • A ~ Komachi (Yukueshirezutsurezure)
  • Kanamiru (Oyasumi Hologram)
  • Yuna (PassCode)

Most Poised to Break Through in 2017

Who’s in the best position to go from cult favorite to stardom in the new year? Now seeking nominations?

B-side of the Year

  • BiSH – “earth”
  • PassCode — “TRACE”
  • PiGU — “(Try Sometime) Do The Shake It!”
  • You’ll Melt More — “Shiratama Disco”
  • PassCode — “Cry Out”
  • GANG PARADE — “Kore wa Kitto Aventure”
  • Q’ulle — “Saisei ron”

Single of the Year

  • Hirano Nozomi — “どうせ消えてしまう命なら…” (if a PV counts as a single)
  • Tentenko — “Houkago Sympathy”
  • BiSH — “DEADMAN”
  • Babymetal — “Karate”
  • DEEP GIRL — “I kill”
  • BiS — “BiSBiS”
  • LADYBABY — “Renge Chance!”
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da — “Mudai Gassho”
  • Yukueshirezutsurezure — “Six Fall Roar / A Drama with Nietzsche”
  • Billie Idle — “Nakisou Sunday”
  • sora tob sakana — “Mahou no Kotoba”
  • PassCode — “MISS UNLIMITED”
  • JyuJyu — “Noroi Hajime”

Video of the Year

  • You’ll Melt More! –- “Hamidashi PARADISE”
  • BiSH -– “Hontou Honki”
  • Up Up Girls — “Barebare I LOVE YOU (Apuga Seifuku Seishun Collection ver.)”
  • Babymetal -– “KARATE”
  • Kamen Joshi -– “CHIKYU NO OHESO”
  • BiSH — “Orchestra”
  • DEEP GIRL — “I kill”
  • Maneki Kecak — “Joudan Janai Ne”
  • Tentenko — “Houkago Sympathy”
  • Yukueshirezutsurezure — “Shinjuku Cinema Connection”
  • Bellring Girls Heart — “Room 24-7”
  • Hauptharmonie — “Kidnapper Blues”
  • Oyasumi Hologram — “too young”
  • Billie Idle — “Nakisou Sunday”
  • Death Rabbits — “Usagi Stream 2”
  • Zenbu Kimi No Sei Da –- “Ueyueyuo~Hinekurenotari” (“When You When You Want”)
  • JyuJyu — “Noroi Hajime”

Song of the Year

  • BiSH — “Am I Frenzy”
  • Babymetal — “KARATE”
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da “Ue Yue Yuo ~Hinekurenotari~”
  • Kamen Joshi — “TRY!!”
  • Kamen Joshi — “KIZUNA NO CHIKARA”
  • BiSH — “Idol is Shit”
  • Billie Idle — “Ashita, Ashita, Ashita”
  • DEEP GIRL — “I kill”
  • BiSH — “Orchestra”
  • Maison Book Girl — “lost AGE”
  • Hauptharmonie — “Kidnapper Blues”
  • Cure. — “ゴミ箱の作り方/Gomibako no tsukurikata”
  • Yukueshirezutsurezure — “Six Fall Roar”
  • BiSH — “Honto Honki”
  • Bellring Girls Heart — “Manic Panic”
  • NECRONOMIDOL — “Midnight Dominator”
  • BABYMETAL — “Syncopation”
  • Guso Drop — “I do! I do!”

Album of the Year

  • BiSH — KiLLER BiSH
  • NECRONOMIDOL — from chaos born
  • Bellring Girls Heart — BEYOND
  • Babymetal — Metal Resistance
  • PassCode — Virtual
  • Especia — Carta
  • Haupharmonie — Abenddaemmerrung / bleich
  • Yukueshirezutsurezure — Antinomideology
  • Guso Drop — Yume shi
  • KOTO — Tenkomori
  • You’ll Melt More! — WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL
  • sora tob sakana — sora tob sakana
  • amiinA — Avalon
  • Girls Excellency International — Murder Case
  • Hauptharmonie — Herz über Kopf
  • Ladybaby — ONE YEAR BEST
  • Guso Drop — Yume shi (is this a single or EP/album?)

Idol/s of the Year

  • BiSH
  • Oyasumi Hologram
  • Guso Drop
  • Hanako-san
  • Babymetal
  • Kamen Joshi
  • PassCode
  • You’ll Melt More!
  • Bellring Girls Heart

Two more items before you start shredding all of this stuff — for the stuff you either nominated or support that you know doesn’t have an official (or unofficial) YouTube or Dailymotion or Soundcloud or whatever presence, think about where and how it can be shared. I’m willing to put some limited video onto the Homicidols channel; are there folks using other media who are willing to help out?

And, when we get down to the actual community voting, the person/people who made the nomination for each idol/video/song in the first place will be able to motivate that candidacy; watch out for email or Twitter DM from me about that.

37 thoughts on “Now We Make Sense of the Best of the Year

  1. I think a Unit should be limited to ONE nomination per category across the board, even if they “qualify” for more than one.

    Debut of the year? Individual, group, media (three categories).

    I think the nominee pool is shallow in some spots, maybe pick a minimum amount per category needed before the “voting” stage?

  2. Uuggghhh exactly why I disagreed with doing this list 2 months (which is like 2 years idol time) before the end of the year, Billie Idle’s bi bi bi bi was left of the Best Album list!!!!!! By the end of this December some killer albums are expected to come out and bi bi bi bi is one of them, hope it’s not to late for an addition!

    • I second the addition of “bi bi bi”!

      I notice with some of these “Year’s Best” type of things, they close and open nominees within a set of specific months (December 2016-November 2017 for an example) as way to cover this, but I don’t really like that method either because I think those releases on the fringe of the selection period still get forgotten. So even if Billie Idle’s new album was treated that way, it could still get overlooked unfairly. Likewise, a bunch of cool stuff will be out this month and the next. OYSM and Tentenko still have albums to come, and this new “Dots” group that just popped up has got me hooked big time.

      But it’s always been the thing to start speculating on this sort of thing late in the year. If anything, this discussion is helping me remember things I didn’t think of right away.

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  4. One correction.

    Hanakosan’s entry in Album of the year should actually be:


  5. I never got around to submitting anything because I was too overwhelmed with material I liked and couldn’t commit to one nominee for much of this, but I’m pleased that most of my considerations are already covered here.

    I’m a strong believer that Girls Excellency International’s “Murder Case” is the album of the year if people only had a chance to hear it, (Which was the reason I wrote such a long piece about the group, to get the word out.) but there is very little to provide in the way of links to demonstrate it. All you can find are amateur videos of them performing. All I can do is plead with people to buy it from OTOTOY or iTunes and listen to what a masterpiece it is.

    One suggestion I have: I think that “graduations” should not count as “letdowns”. That’s just the nature of idols and it’s something we have to accept. If anything, I’d suggest both a “biggest letdown” category and a “saddest graduation” category.

  6. Now I’m kind of tempted to start a massive guerilla campaign to elevate the status of “that terrible Kai Bellheart and Beni Avandoned thing” and tip the scales into the most astonishing upset in “Homicidols End of the Year Awards History” (although this is the first year) and have it suddenly be declared “Single of the Year”. 😀 😀

  7. Was Guso Drop’s “Yume Shi” ever called a single? I think it’s an EP.
    Unfortunately it means that “I do! I do!” drops out of the B-Side category and makes space for another amazing group that has been overlooked so far: Q’ulle!
    On the new album as well as on the “Alive” single is the amazing track called “Saisei ron”! Just a suggestion though…

  8. Wanted to add a few nominations if it’s not to late.

    Maniac, when is the deadline on these, anyway?

    SurpriseOTY: NECRONOMIDOL’s from chaos born.
    LetdownOTY: The entire YouTube situation.
    CollaborationOTY: I second the NATASHA nom.

  9. I second the motion that graduations shouldn’t count as letdowns, unless it was for bullshit reasons or circumstances. So for example, Hug Me graduating wouldn’t count as it was announced beforehand and she got a proper sendoff. Rum however, would probably count since she left after only a month. So I think there should be a category for “Saddest Goodbyes”, which would be for graduations (both past and announced ones) and breakups. My nominations for that would be:

    Hug Me
    Yasui Yuuhi
    Saki (GuDrop)
    Koutei Camera Girl Zwei
    GANG PARADE’s Maya and Ao

    As for the other categories, I think maybe set up a forum thread for narrowing down the list? So all the nominees are a little long now except for Surprise, so now we do our top fives of these categories, and maybe add any last-minute additions like Bi Bi Bi Bi.

  10. Just in case: “Saddest graduation”:
    Mina, Fruitpochette
    Ao and Maaya, GANG PARADE
    Mone and Chibo, You’ll Melt More!
    Saki, Guso Drop
    Shirai, JyuJyu

  11. There have been a lot of really good thoughts and questions from folks about this, and rather than reply individually to each thing, I’ll just make one big mega-comment:

    1. On the point of when nominations end, we’ll be able to entertain any additions in any category right up to the point that we do voting, which I tentatively have penciled in for the week of Dec. 12 and really want to get done then so there’s time to do a proper year-ender.

    So feel free to add things now, even on a speculative basis; part of the point of limiting the category sizes now is to be more flexible in case we *do* want to add. Re: Billie Idle, I’ve heard nothing but fantastic reports, so to say that it could be a contender is probably fair. Zenkimi and Tsurezure, the anticipation is high as hell; Yanamyu’s new EP might be really impressive. We’ll probably get a surprise debut or two (and DAIDAIDAI, for instance, we know is coming and could shock us all with video; ditto DEVIL GUN and others).

    1a. So to respond to concerns like Jordan’s, I realize that opening this up in October(!) was early as hell, but what’s more interesting, a collaborative experience that not only rewards our favorites but speaks to the real preferences of Western fans, or Maniac Having Opinions? It’s deliberate, in other words, and (full disclosure) we’ll even have some incentives to make the experience more exciting.

    2. I like the suggestion to separate out actual letdowns and “normal” graduations, so let’s create a separate category for those.

    3. T.U.F.K.A.T. had a good note re: Guso Drop and Yume Shi; are there objections to that?

    4. If anybody has digital files of things they’d like to make sure gets shared, or at least backdoor-secretly available for review, let me know. It may surprise you to learn that “Homicidol Maniac” is not my real name; while I don’t encourage piracy, if the point is ultimately promotional, I don’t mind exposing certain accounts to copyright claims and the like. Most of the time, the worst that can happen is that the copyright holder makes you destroy their property.

    5. I am going to add another new category, one that speaks to some of the interest in late-season additions and our own hopes and dreams. Let’s call it Most Poised to Break Through in 2017.

    6. There is a forum thread! See this guy: Feel free to take the conversation into that space, too, especially once I un-pin this post.

    • I remember picking up the (fantastic) You’ll Melt More! “YOU ARE THE WORLD” album at the very end of 2015, so it probably missed a lot of year-end-list glory at the time. There are some big tings coming out in December, indeed just a couple of days after the voting cutoff. We can do a rolling 1-year period and consider them for the next year’s awards, like the Oscars or whatever 😛

  12. Good idea waiting until December 12 for voting. Especially with ZenKimi releasing soon and Tsurezure on December 7. And depending on the songs on those albums my nomination for Best Album may change (except for Bellheart / “BEYOND”). As for Guso Drop / “Yume Shi” it practically is a single. The main featured & promoted song is “Hirari Hira Hira”. It’s labeled as a CD single on both Amazon & Tower Records and they also released it as a vinyl with “I Do! I Do!” as the B-side.

    Is Jyu Jyu / “Noroi Hajime” a B-side? I thought it was the main song on the single.

  13. I would like to add Ayuni D as a nominee for Debut Of The Year. 🙂

    And also Saki-chan to Saddest Graduation and I predict 2017 is going to be a big year for Osaka Syunkasyuto.

  14. Just like to say, I did buy the Murder Case CD after your review made me reassess my opinion of Shoujo Kakka no International (which on the strength of their one PV was “a bit weird and silly”). It’s not the best album of the year but it is great, so thanks for that (actually I think it’s my number six or seven according to a list I keep on another machine)

  15. Bah, this reply appeared in the wrong place; it was meant to be to supremenothing. Probably because I’m typing it from my bed on the shitty Nintendo 3DS browser.

  16. I figured I should interact here sometimes, as I am more of a lurker. I find the discussing super interesting. I also agree that 5 nominees for each category seem a good number, that “Saddest Graduation” should be a category and that each group should be limited to one entry per category even if they might qualify for more (I think it’s fairer to have units compete against each other than to reduce their visibility and ask fans of a group to choose between the two at the end)

    Also, for what are my essentials for each category:
    Surprise of the Year
    -Tentenko’s proper release

    Letdown of the year:
    -SiS debuting and then disbanding
    -Youtube Red (although I haven’t experienced it too much in Canada yet, let’s hope it stays that way)

    Saddest Graduation:
    -Hug Me’s graduation

    Collaboration of the Year (or I AM A SUCKER FOR CROSSOVERS)
    -Oyasumi Hologram x Maison Book Girl
    -Ano x Oomori Seiko
    -Jun Togawa x Hijokaidan
    -Hirano Nozomi’s collab with several other ex-BiS members
    -Zenkimix Yukueshirezutsurezure

    Performance of the Year:
    -Maison Book Girl at Next Music From Tokyo (I saw the one in Montreal, not Vancouver, but it was EXCELLENT)
    -BiSH “Orchestra” Live

    Debut of the Year (Maybe three separate categories would be better?)
    -SiS -> Gang Parade
    -Yukueshirezutsurezure (their first release was this year, right? Or did they debut after last year’s set voting and nominations? I feel like they should be in this)
    -Yukueshirezuturezure’s Antino
    -Would Tentenko’s major debut/signing count?

    Performer of the Year
    -Aina The End
    -Shiina Pikarin (she is very entrancing)
    -A~ Komachi

    Most Poised to Break Through
    -Maison Book Girl (hopefully)

    Single of the Year (I do tend to think of PVs as singles, since they are the promotional material?)
    -Hirano Nozomi
    -Tentenko’s Houkago Sympathy
    -BiS BiSBiS
    -Billie Idle “Nakisou Sunday”

    Video of the Year
    -Yurumerumo -Hamidashi Paradise
    -BiSH’s Hontou Honki
    -Necronomidol’s “SKULLS IN THE STARS”
    -Yukueshirezutsurezure’s Shinjuku Cinema Connection
    -Tentenko’s Houkago Sympathy

    Song of the Year
    -Maison Book Girl’s Lost AGE
    -BiSH’s Hontou Honki

    Idol(s) of the Year
    -Oyasumi Hologram
    -You’ll Melt More

    Looking forward to see the final list!

  17. I think 2016 was one hell of a year for idols and fans alike, I hate that I cant put more, but I have to go with my best and I probably missed a few because of my aging mind but here you go:

    Surprise of the Year:
    The Return of BiS hands down

    Letdown of the Year:
    The Breakup of Koutei Camera Girl

    Collaboration of the Year:
    KOTO x Hirano Yuri = Xaio Chaipon
    Maihime x Hirano Yuri (lives)

    Performance of the Year:
    BiSH TIF 2016
    KOTO One Man Live @ Daikanyama UNIT

    Debut of the Year:

    Performer of the Year:
    Aina the End

    Most Poised to Break Through in 2017:

    B-side of the Year:
    BiSH – earth

    Single of the Year:
    BiS — BiSBiS
    Billie Idle — Nakisou Sunday
    Ladybaby – Ageage Money -Ochingin Dai Sakusen-

    Video of the Year:
    BiSH – Hontou Honki
    Babymetal – KARATE
    Ladybaby – Ageage Money -Ochingin Dai Sakusen-

    Song of the Year:
    BiSH — Am I Frenzy
    Billie Idle – PET
    Ladybaby – Ageage Money -Ochingin Dai Sakusen-

    Album of the Year:
    Billie Idle – bi bi bi bi bi
    BiSH — KiLLER BiSH
    I have to put the new BiS – BiS2 album on here to I love
    every song on the album

    Idol/s of the Year:
    Billie Idle

  18. That’s fine! I included a lot of stuff because it was more of a personal list haha Glad that Hauptharmonie is still there, they are quite overlooked. Some thoughts:
    – I think we should wait until the end of the year, indeed
    – Some categories could be completely open for voting, without nominees (Performer of the year, artist of the year, song of the year etc.). Maybe users could vote for more than one option (but with limitations)?
    – Debut of the year could be split between member debut (Ayuni D etc.) and group debut (yandoll etc.)
    – I love Team Syachihoko and ULTRA CHO MIRACLE SUPER VERY POWER BALL but they are not reaaaally alt idols, are they?
    – Yume Shi is more of an EP, I think, since it has 4 tracks. Single would be something like “i kill”, from DEEP GIRL (A-Side + B-Side)

    As for Most Poised to Break Through in 2017, the first groups that come in my mind are Yukueshirezutsurezure and Yanakoto Sotto Mute. Oh, and on my original post I forgot about the breakup of Koutei Camera Girl. “Letdown of the year” </3 Also, DEVIL GUN could be included on "Debut of the year".

    And, on a sidenote (talking about Hauptharmonie haha), they debuted two new members recently (Including former Yurumerumo member Mone), but it wasn't posted here yet. Quite the surprise!

  19. I think it’s doing Tentenko a disservice to list her as an idol here: it’s something she stopped doing as soon as BiS ended and by her own admission, was just a way for her to draw attention to her band and then later to become a stepping stone for her career as a musician.

  20. Most of the things I wanted to nominate have been. I was thinking maybe wasuta’s 完全なるアイドル should be nominated in the surprise category.

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