Now This Is Underground: Get a Load of Arrow Heart

I spied this via Idol 2.0 last week and wanted to come back to it after I’d had a chance to investigate a little bit, and HOO BOY am I glad that I investigated.

Meet Arrow Heart, a three-member unit doing some rock of various hardness, a taste of metal, rather homicidol:

At first glance, you’re like, “Great, another metaphorical log for the fire. When do we get to have the really crazy stuff like devil clowns and S&M punk rockers again?” And that’s fair. Arrow Heart is perfectly fine, and one gets the feeling that they’re basically brand new, so we probably haven’t even sniffed their ceiling yet.

But I ultimately chose this angle because this is their website.

My first thought: Does this herald the arrival of comet Hale-Bopp? They clearly aren’t afraid of suicidal imagery:

But this is life when you’re willing to actually try and have next to no resources. Trust me. I’ve been there. And this is so 1997 that I’m willing to believe that it’s deliberate, which itself has a certain retro coolness. (And this is what it sounds like to give somebody the benefit of the doubt!)

Here’s more of them performing:

Also, rocking kitsunes.

Anyway, in the spirit of encouraging and promoting idols, godspeed to you, Arrow Heart. Two-thirds of you are extremely young, and one gets the feeling that “fresh” doesn’t even begin to describe your experience level, but you’re going for it.

2 thoughts on “Now This Is Underground: Get a Load of Arrow Heart

  1. This has so much potential! Could use some tightening up in a few places, but it really reminds me of Cream N’ Chrome. But hopefully these girls will stick around for a bit longer!

    • Also, that last song has a carnival sound to it, and the call out is “HATE! DEATH! KILL!”

      Look out Bokura no Oyugi, these girls might be gunning for your audience! Is there an Evil Carnival subgenre emerging?!

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