Now Here’s That Haruno Megumi Video I’ve Been Waiting For!

It was just the other day that “what has Haruno-san been doing other than gravure for the past several months?” was answered in the form of … not really what I think anybody expected! Certainly not me; Megumi’s not the most powerful voice on earth, but she’s a fair shake ahead of most idols in the singing department, and she didn’t even sound like herself in those other spots.

But then this happened!

I’m desperate for this to actually be called “Spider Legend,” and not just because that would vindicate the machine translation; ever since the artwork of her in a web (see above!) came out, I’ve had this very Kiss of the Spider Woman hope for her overall image, one that has more to do with what I always used to think Kiss of the Spider Woman was about rather than what it’s actually about, and most because Haruno + spider stuff is just going to draw those kinds of thoughts.

Anyway! Neat little song that fits the type, and I wish the resurrected Mugen Regina would do stuff like it, too. Or they can pick up the discards from Haloperi Doll, whichever, I just want my very loud metal idols back, please and thanks.

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