Not-Kanra’s New Group Is Coming Together

This is an older bit of news, but I wanted to come back to it for sure because it’s like the kind of nightmare you have after a really great meal a little too close to bed — the overall experience isn’t completely negative, but the singing snake and naked grandmother really weren’t things you wanted to deal with.

What am I talking about? Why, it’s the return of ex-BRGH Kanra and the birth of her new idol group!

They’re called 名もなき女やさかいオフ会, according to sources so far, and the machine translation doesn’t like that very much, so all I got is something about a woman without a name and also a party. The above has been corrected! That thing is a fan event. All of the members are in the above; Kanra isn’t Kanra anymore, but YONEKO, which please tell me actually means that she’s a cat, because that would explain so much.

This then no longer means that they’re debuting on Sunday, but that you can go and, uh … don’t get your hands too near to their mouths or something:

Oh, and if the harnesses and stuff weren’t a dead giveaway, they made their big unveiling via the ever-Aqbi-important bungee challenge. I’m dying because I don’t know if there’s any video, but I want it.

TY Jordan

8 thoughts on “Not-Kanra’s New Group Is Coming Together

  1. >They’re called 名もなき女やさかいオフ会, according to sources so far

    Nigga you cannot be serious. Do you blog while drunk or something?

  2. Another machine translation I got of that was “Nomi Naki Women and big tits off party”
    I’ve been wanting an idol unit that’s like a combo of BGH and Bed In for years! Bless u not-Kanra

  3. “Because we are the no named women’s offline party” ?

    名もなき = no named , unnamed
    女 = woman , girl
    やさかい = be , because
    オフ = offline
    会 = party

    やさかい is the Kansai dialect.
    In standard Japanese is like …

  4. “tell me actually means that she’s a cat, because that would explain so much.”
    It would explain why that dog bit her. Now Kanra’s a contender for everyone’s favorite Japanese Yone on Instagram!

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