nonayu: An Idol Biography

Our primary mission here at Homicidols dot com is doing whatever we can to promote alternative, indie, and underground idols to the Western world. So when the good folks over at the German Idol Society reached out about collaborating on a project to celebrate nonayu’s tenth anniversary as an idol, we jumped at the chance. Not only did it align with the most essential goal of the site but, most importantly: WE ❤️ NONAYU. A lot. 

nonayu debuted as an idol exactly ten years ago today as a founding member of avandoned alongside Beni Usakara and Miku Amamiya at the NEW SIDE BEACH!! livehouse in Yokohama. Google map screenshot illustrating Yokohama Arena is a 1 minute walk from NEW SIDE BEACH livehouse.On that very same day, just a few short meters away, BiS were disbanding at Yokohama Arena. That’s lot of legacies both cemented and spawned in that one city block a decade ago. 

In the ten years since, the idol know as Nayuta Hoshi, Seto Aku, Fukashigi-kun, Nayuta Aku, Nonamera, Kokone Nona, and nonayu has crafted a prolific career as a member of multiple acclaimed units, a standout soloist, and a collaborator with other musicians, idols, and artists.

Michel, of the German Idol Society has taken on the yeoman’s task of documenting nonayu’s extensive career in detail, which we present in it’s entirety below. It was a daunting task, requiring multiple revisions even in the past few days as she continued to hustle, dropping multiple releases and even joining a new unit as we were trying to format, finalize, and publish this post.

I now turn the site over to him:

In her ten years as an idol, nonayu has been very active, so that most people quickly lose track of what she did, when, where and under which stage name. Therefore, this biography was compiled as a review of her career to date, on the occasion of her anniversary on July 8, 2024.

Please note: not everything of her career is available in detail, as it is more difficult for me to use Japanese sources due to a lack of language skills and I have only been following her as a fan since 2019. In addition, idols in particular like to provide personal information in a somewhat “flexible” manner. So please don’t stone me if a little thing isn’t 100% correct. I created it to the best of my knowledge and request improvements if someone knows more.

For better comprehensibility, there are around 160 footnotes or source references; Please use this if you want to dig deeper, as there is a lot of additional information, videos and photos “hidden” there. I tried to extract as much official data as possible from nonayu’s own social networks and the groups she was in. Names are given in Japanese order, i.e. last name followed by first name.

The German draft of the text was written within two weeks in Winter 2024, but it took over three months to complete. Additional information was constantly being found, things were changed, or new ideas were added. It was translated into English and the wording continued to be refined. In the end, this version is what I’m very happy with. It’s not perfect, but as close as I can get.

Special thanks to Axel C. Schulze for the main work of the English translation and Sven Weber and Daemon for proofreading.

Compiled and written by Michel Sauerwein for German idol Society (GiS); As of July 7th, 2024

nonayu: An Idol Biography

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ONCE UPON A TIME… before the Idol era

nonayu was born on July 5th (1) 1997 (2) in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture (3), 70 km northeast of Tokyo. Therefore, she has the zodiac sign of Cancer; In Japan, the blood type is often given as an analogy; This is B for her (4).

picture of nonayu on her birthday, July 5 2024

Birthday pic: July 5, 2024

She states her height as 1.53 m / 5 ft (5, 6) and her weight with 39.5 kg / 87,1 lb (7). Her favorite colors are white, pink, light purple and light blue; the favorite sweets are chocolate and gummy bears (4). She doesn’t like raisins, eggplant, pickled plums and liver (8). She smokes e-cigarettes (52).

As a child/teenager, she took piano, swimming, dance, basketball and kumon lessons (a Japanese method of promoting learning), but gave them up after a short time. Later in school, she joined a dance club again because she liked dancing. During this time she moved houses frequently (9). She finished school at the beginning of March 2016 (10). She cites the idol group SHIRITSU EBISU CHUGAKU, which has been active since 2009, and the singer-songwriter and idol SEIKO ŌMORI, who has been active since 2007, as her role models and reasons to desire to sing herself (11).

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AVANDONED… the birth of an idol

Around the beginning of 2014, at the age of 16, she applied for an audition for the emerging idol group PLATONICS IDOL PLATFORM (PIP for short); However, she was rejected. With five more “failed” auditions, the producer came up with the idea of a second group that would be different from the usual idols (-> alternative Idols). Shortly before the start of this group, however, the producer realized that he wouldn’t be able to do it in time because of his obligation to PIP. So he left the six girls and the manager (12).

Original six members of the idol unit avandoned taken on July 6, 2014

avandoned – Original Members, July, 2014

Due to these circumstances the name of the group was born: AVANDONED (10) (until 2019 あヴぁんだんど, then avandoned (13)), a modification of the word “abandoned”, the members decided on this name themselves. Previously, the name MAKEINU (負け犬), which means “loser”, was discussed (14). The group was also called VUA (ヴぁ) or AVUA (あヴぁ) for short (the u is voiceless in pronunciation).

Her first stage name was HOSHI NAYUTA (星なゆた; Hoshi = star) (15) and and she wore the “member color” light blue (16). Other well-known idols in the group are USAKURA BENI (a.k.a. Usabeni), who later took over the group as producer, and KOHINATA NATSUKI (a.k.a. Amamiya Miku; NaNoMoRaL). Both are still active today.

avandoned – November, 2015

avandoned had their first live performance three days after Nayuta’s 17th birthday, on July 8th, 2014 in Yokohama at the NEW SIDE BEACH club (17), which is located in the Yokohama Arena. On the same day and just in that arena, the first generation of BiS with founder and “mother of the alt-idols” POUR LUi happened to break up (18). Avua’s music style can be classified as J-Pop.

Their first music video was “Feedback Friday” in 2015. Nayuta is credited as co-writer of the lyrics for the song (19)

Her Twitter name at the time was avandoned_yuta; Unfortunately, this account no longer exists. After a year and a half of founding, avandoned had their first One Man Live (20) concert on January 19th, 2016 on the WWW in Tokyo (21).

Nayuta stood out in her first group because of her (changing) colored hair and by being on stage without shoes, also at the very first concert she was carried through the club by a fan, and by her biggest trademark, her distinctive voice. Hoshi Nayuta repeatedly violated the rules due to private contact with fans. These ended on March 19th, 2016 with the announcement that she has to leave avandoned (22). But because, a week later, three concerts in the United States were booked together with the Japanese noise band HIJOKAIDAN, founded in 1979, as a collaboration under the name AVAKAIDAN (AvaKaidan) and everything had already been fixed, she was still allowed to attend.

So, early in her career, she made her first overseas appearances in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Richmond (March 24th-26th) on the East Coast of the USA (22). (Editor’s Note:  The Baltimore show was attended by Homicidols founder, Maniac, who posted this first person account).

On March 29th, upon returning to Japan, she officially left the group (23).

Student filmmaker PAKUMI YU did a 40-minute documentary about avandoned activities from the end of 2015 on for the music and film festival MOOSIC LAB in 2016 (24).

Cover of the avandoned photo book "First Period"

Avandoned vol. 1 First Period

On April 30th, 2016, the first photo book Avandoned vol. 1 First Period was released which included pictures of Nayuta (25).

By the way, PIP only survived until March 2016, so less than two years (26).

After a short break in 2018/19, avandoned disbanded on January 24th, 2020 (27).

With the exception of their first self-recorded single, avandoned released all of their recordings on the independent label TRASH UP!! Records, founded in Tokyo in 2015. The label is an offshoot of the former music magazine TRASH UP!!. The first release was avandoned’s single “BUNCHŌ”. Other artists from the label are or were e.g. SAKA-SAMA, XOXO EXTREME, ENGAWA and ATOMIC MINISTRY(28).

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ASIMOV & SOLO… or the first own steps

During her time with avandoned, she released her first solo EP HENTEKO (へんてこ≈ strange) in autumn 2015 as FUKASHIGI-KUN (ふかしぎくん) (29). She wrote the lyrics for all four songs herself and TEOREMAA (teoremaa) composed the music for three of them. He was already active for avandoned (30). Stylistically, the music went towards electronic/experimental J-Pop.

Cover art for the EP HENTENKO by nonayu as FUKASHIGI-KUN


Also during this time, she occasionally performed small DJ sets at events (31).

At the beginning of October she jammed as Hoshi Nayuta on the cajón (box drum) with the Japanese rapper GOMESS in the forecourt of Kōenji train station, together with the later singer-songwriter SHIBANOSOU (32). A week later, Gomess and Nayuta met for a studio session (33). The creative collaboration culminated on December 5th as GOMESS x FUKASHIGI-KUN (GOMESS x ふかしぎくん) at a concert by avandoned at SHIBUYA GLAD (34) with, among other things, two songs written by teoremaa (35). She also released the piece “DO TA Break Down” solo five years later and was rather unusual for her due to its hip-hop-like chanting.

Also in the same year, she took part as Hoshi Nayuta in the MiSS ID 2016 (ミスiD 2016) audition and, as participant №085.

She reached the semi-finals (36) in spring 2016 as one of 114 out of around 4,000 applicants.

This competition exists since 2012 and is looking for talented young women from the fields of models, idols, musicians, (AV) actresses, athletes and other artistic expressions. The iD stands for Idol, Identity, I and Diversity (37).

Fun fact: SARI (soloist and ex. Necronomidol), MINAMI NAO (PassCode) and the gravure idol NAGASAWA MARINA (one of the nine winners) were participants in the same year (38).

In 2016/17 she was with the aforementioned teoremaa under her third stage name SETO AKU (瀬都あく) as a duo called ASIMOV GA TEJINASHI (アシモフが手品師 ≈ “Asimov is a magician”) on the road (39). She sang and danced, he played the music on his laptop, soundboard and keyboard. The music style, like her previous solo project, was electronic J-pop. The style of the group is reminiscent of the later duo NaNoMoRaL, which has been active since 2018 by avandoned colleague Amamiya Miku (40). ASIMOV released two mini-albums and the vinyl single “Tane to Shikake” (131) for the Record Store Day on November 3rd in 2016.

Cover of Asimov ga Tejinashi single "Tane to Shikake"

ASIMOV GA TEJINASHI, “Tane to Shikake”

The composer and lyricist teoremaa (Sasaki Jiro) (41) has accompanied nonayu throughout her entire life as an idol. From the first songs at avandoned in 2014, her solo activity as Fugashiki-Kun in 2015, as a joint duo “Asimov ga Tejinashi” in 2016/17, through compositions for Frun Frun Friends 2020/21 to the present day as nonayu for the song, “Ice Bahn” in 2024 (42).

On June 26th, 2016, she sang as guest singer Seto Aku with CHANMOMO◎ (a.k.a. Omomoko Sunrise) and band on the song, “nerve” at Shibuya Eggman (43).

In 2016, Aku played a moviegoer (44) in a small speaking role in the Japanese drama TAIKUTSUNA HIBI NI SAYONARA WO (退屈な日々にさようならを ≈ “Say goodbye to boring days”) by director IMAIZUMI RIKIYA. Also known in English as, “Same Old, Same Old” (45).

From 25th to 28th in August she took part in the theater workshop “MUM & GYPSY” under director OHATA GOJIRO at the Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater as an actress(46).

After these little forays into the film and theater world, Aku gave up acting and returned to music.

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KAQRIYO TERROR ARCHITECT… or the most famous role

On July 15th, 2017, she became a founding member of KAQRIYO TERROR ARCHITECT (幽世テロル Architect; KTA for short) (47) at the record label CODOMOMENTAL as NONAMERA (のなめら) and found what is undoubtedly her most famous idol role to date.

NONAMERA – Kaqriyo Terror Architect

The two other members were KOTETSU and YAMAKOMARO (48), although the latter only joined six weeks later for the second appearance (47). Nonamera became known at KTA for her wild demeanor at concerts. The group’s musical style can roughly be classified as electronic J-Rock, perhaps also trance metal with their screams and growls in some songs.

Kaqriyo released a mini-album and the album CULTURAL MIXING with her, plus three singles, including the most famous KTA song “KAGOME KAGOME”.

(Editor’s Note: Cultural Mixing was named #9 on Homicidols list of the 50 Greatest Albums of All Time, while “Kagome Kagome” ranked #9 on the list of Top 50 MVs ever.)

The song’s lyrics are based on a Japanese children’s game of the same name. As can also be seen in the music video, a group dances around a blindfolded person. The game then goes like this: the child sings in the middle and at the end has to guess who is behind him. If it guesses correctly, the new child has to go to the middle of the circle (49).

Translation of the children’s song:

Kagome kagome / The bird in the cage, 
When, oh when will it come out
In the evening of the dawn 
The crane and turtle slipped, 
Who is behind you now? (49)

On January 29th, 2019, Nonamera left the group after an incident (50). The exact circumstances aren’t known with certainty (51). The time of her departure is also a turning point for KAQRIYO TERROR ARCHITECT. Within just four months, all three founding members quit and the group gained five new members over the course of a year. On June 20th, 2019 the group was renamed KAQRIYOTERROR (50). The first release that came out, as is often the case, was a best-of album, sung by the new members. The most famous member of this line-up was KOMARI YUU.

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FRUN FRIN FRIENDS… and normal life

With the exit from Kaqriyo, things became more quiet around Nonamera. In one year she tried six different “normal 9-to-5 jobs,” such as in cafés or a parfait shop (53). She didn’t like it at all and really wanted to sing and dance again (54). That year she was in Thailand and the Philippines as a private person, as well as for the first time in Europe, visiting the Netherlands and Belgium (55).

She mentioned in an interview that she really likes the German band KRAFTWERK and would like to go to Germany sometime (56). In 2024 she said that she rarely drinks alcohol, but that she can have a Kleiner Feigling (57) (German schnaps, translated as “Little Coward”), because she likes it (58).

So at the end of 2019 she decided to form a new group with her old avandoned colleague USAKURA BENI and took on the new stage name NAYUTA AKU (なゆたあく) (59). She often called herself and also signed as AKU-CHAN (あくちゃん). On April 18th, 2020, FRUN FRIN FRIENDS (FFF for short or フルフリ = Furu Furi) saw the light of day with their first single. Frun Frin, which is Thai and means something like “shining” or “sparkling” and comes from both people’s preference for Thai culture (60). With their J-Pop they claimed to be artistic idols, somewhere between idols and singer-songwriters.


On the same day as FFF was founded, the Japanese singer-songwriter TSURUUCHI HANA released a music video in which Aku and Beni make small guest appearances (61). Tsuruuchi already wrote songs for avandoned, and Frun Frin Friends released them later under Tsuruuchi’s own label HANA TO POPS (62).

On May 17th, Furu Furi performed live for the first time, but unfortunately without an audience due to the Corona pandemic at the time. On July 5th, Aku-chan’s birthday, they were able to convince audiences of their skills for the first time (63).

In the same year, Aku also began solo activities again and released several songs on at least three self-burned CD-Rs (64), as well as the mini-album PALE BLUE. Her new Twitter account was called noonayu_aku.

In the second half of the year she spoke the narration at the beginning of the five-part idol documentary THE FLOWERS OF PASSION: STORIES FROM THE UNDERGROUND JAPANESE IDOL SCENE (65), by director Derek Vasconi (66). The unique documentary was published on January 15th, 2021 (67).

At the end of December 2020, Nayuta Aku published her first photo book with Idol Underworld entitled BLUE MOTH. Colorful costumes, artistic shoots and gravure photographs resulted in a beautiful 94-page work (68). She solo published a handful of homemade fan zines called “HENTEKO” (へんてこ); three during her avandoned period and the last two as Nayuta Aku (69).

Over the course of a year and a half, Frun Frin Friends released five singles on CD, some with zines, an album and a vinyl single. A fan zine was published separately in between (70). With the last single they disbanded on Dec. 8th, 2021, or an official break was taken for an indefinite period of time (71).

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KAQRIYOTERROR… or the return of the queen

Four months after the end of Frun Frin Friends came the surprising announcement that she would now appear again under her stage name Nonamera with Kaqriyoterror on her old label Codomomental (72).

nonamera in KAQRIYOTERROR, April 23, 2023

The official entry was on April 27th (73), as a replacement for Yamakomaro, who left the group three days earlier (74). She got her old Twitter account called kaqriyo_nonamer back.

Over the course of the year, the account was renamed nonamera_ (75) because she was now also active solo (76). For better distinction, her name was written in hiragana のなめら at Kaqriyoterror and solo in romaji, “nonamera”. She released an EP called MY NAME IS…. There was also a feature with the artist, KYUNCHI on August 31st for the piece “WORLDWIDE☆GIRL” (77), and on December 28th with AKUGI (akugi) for the song “IDOL?” (78).

Unfortunately, also on December 28th of the same year, the announcement came that the group would disband in its current line-up with a Last One Man Live on April 23rd, 2023 at the GARRET UDAGAWA in Shibuya (79). The club was sold out with 200 people (80).

KOMARI YUU, who wanted to continue as the only member, surprisingly withdrew on July 24th (81). In September the group was reactivated as a “playground” for 18 of the label’s idols (82). Even Codomomental probably doesn’t know where the group is going. For most of the Kaqriyo songs that were released between 2017 and 2022, GESSHI was the lyricist and SYVA (syva) the composer, the latter also responsible for the mastering. The two also wrote and/or composed some songs on the nonamera EP. nonamera wrote her own lyrics for five out of six songs (83).

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TATTOOS & PIERCINGS… or a living work of art

nonayu got her first two tattoos in 2017: sometime between May and August on the inner left upper arm three geometric shapes, similar to triangles (84) and between August and November on the underside of the left wrist a small ghost (85). Years ago, when she was looking for a job (86), she had her ghost lasered away in two sessions and it is now only visible as a stain (87). When she joined Kaqriyo Terror Architect around 2018, she got the group’s logo on the left side, a little below the armpit. A thin cross was added to the left shoulder blade sometime between November 2018 and May 2020 (88)

nonamera – May 16, 2022

She had her biggest visual trademark, the bee on a two-tone heart-shaped background and the lettering NO NAME, tattooed on her chest at the end of October 2021 (89). Her latest body paintings were added around the end of June 2022: a floral pattern on the left upper arm, above the existing triangles, and on the belly there is also a large floral tendril pattern (90)

nonamera – July 1, 2022

She had her latest tattoo done on her right upper arm on her tenth anniversary as an idol; again a tendril pattern, this time with a heart.

In addition to all the tattoos, she has been wearing alternating earrings on both sides since the beginning of her career. At the beginning a few, now several at the same time. In the last few years, a few piercings were added: one above the left eyebrow, in the left side of the nose, a tongue piercing and one in the lower left lip, which changed once. In the summer she got a belly button piercing. She briefly had a piercing in the lower neck area in September 2023 (91), but she removed it after a few days. Since then she has had a small visible scar there (92).

nonayu usually wears a variety of modern necklaces on her neck and rings on her fingers. Her butterfly ring, which she has had since the end of 2020, is often noticed there (93). Also striking are her often colorful artificial fingernails (94).

“Dye in Lily” MV Splash Image

The length and color of their hair changes constantly, so that a correct chronological list is unthinkable. At the beginning long brown braids, followed by half-long natural black hair, then slightly wavy blonde. Later short brownish braids and at the first Kaqriyoterror time long braids again, which were then cut off again in between. Her hair briefly dyed red at the beginning of 2020 (95). At the end of 2020, her long, bleached hair was shortened the last time. Since then she has mostly kept her blonde hair, recently with green tips (96).

Occasionally she wears wigs for a day (long blonde (97), medium-long black (98) or long purple) or hair extensions from April 2024 (99).

How do you describe her fashion style without being an expert? Colorful, modern and sometimes flashy. Shibuya style. Everything suits her. Like the majority of the idols, she almost always wears colored contact lenses, usually brown, blue or green (100). She usually wears heavy make-up around her natural dark eyes.

It should be mentioned that nonayu was in 2023 twice a “store manager” for a day in clothing stores in Harajuku (101) or modeled few times for clothing (102).

Modeling for ACDC RAG – November, 2023

On April 5th, 2024, she wrote on the social network Threads that she had a birthmark on her face lasered away; she walked around in the days following the treatment with a bruise on the right side of her face (103).

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NONAYU… the latest chapter

Immediately after the Kaqriyoterror dissolution, she reactivated her Nayuta Aku Twitter account the next day and renamed it nonayu_dayo (104). Since then, her new stage name has been NONAYU (nonayu).

Back in March she opened a separate account with the name for her “normal” work nonayudayo, which she only announced on May 1st with a first posting (105). The dayo in her account name means something like “that is (nonayu)” (106). Since then, she has been working in a Sentō, a public bath and sauna (107). She once sang there and organized tent saunas in the late summer outside the city of Tokyo (108).

As a little peculiarity, as with Nonamera before, she writes herself as a music idol in romaji nonayu and at work in hiragana のなゆ(= nonayu).

nonayu said in a conversation that she really likes the hiragana ゆ (= yu) (109). On the one hand, this is found in the names of public baths (e.g. Kairyou-yu) and on the other hand, she loves to take a sauna herself. And anyone who knows their stage names will notice for themselves: Hoshi Nayuta, Nayuta Aku, nonayu.

By the way, her current name nonayu came about for exactly this reason: the “nona” is reminiscent of nonamera and the yu for her love of sauna and hiragana ゆ. Every time an idol changes/leaves a label they usually have to give up their name.

In June, their light blue artist logo was released, designed by graphic designer haquxx (110). He also designed logos, covers or T-shirts for e.g. BPM15Q and ODOKe KAIWAI. Over the course of the year, she wrote that she planned to release a publication every month. On September 18th she released her first nonayu music video “PALE BLUE” (111).

The song was already released during Nayuta Aku’s times and has now been remixed with additional sound effects. Two more MVs followed that year. In between, seven digital singles were released and her 20-page photo book NONAYU (112) was released on November 8th.

nonayu’s music style is very diverse: from electronic J-pop to excursions into rock or hip-hop. In November there was a song featuring EnnU (113), and a month later there was a collaboration with the computer-generated music act SHINK (114).

On November 21st the announcement of their first appearance in Europe came (115).

She performed on January 27th, 2024 together with MIHO and OKINAWA ELECTRIC GIRL SAYA in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands (between The Hague and Rotterdam). With a VIP event before the show and off-kai the following day. There she also sold her self-burned first album REFLECTIONS with seven songs (116).

As of June 2024, her portfolio includes at least 24 songs, including two from her nonamera period( 117). At the end of February she released another music video “SHIAWASE NA KIMI MITAKUNAINDA” (≈ “I don’t want to see you happy”) (118, 158)

The video shoot lasted five days(119) and was made with the help of a drone.

In February, nonayu sang the song “Opps!” with PINKBLESS at an event; this was released as a single at the beginning of March (120).

nonayu usually designs her own covers for her CDs or digital singles (e.g. “Reflection”, “Opps!” or “innocent breaker” (121)). She also make parts of her costumes herself, for example the wings for her angel costume (122).

Nonayu irregularly does online cheki sessions, sometimes specifically for her overseas fans on Idol Underworld (123) or privately on Instagram. Sometimes with friends, like Say-chan (124) or Tapi-chan (125) (ex-Kaqriyo’s Arlya & Kotetsu). She also publishes gravure chekis in her shop from time to time (126).

She keeps in close contact with Say-chan even after Kaqriyoterror disbanded. Apart from the joint cheki sessions, Say-chan is occasionally a backing DJ at nonayu’s performances or they sing together, e.g. the song “innocent breaker”.

In May 2024 she was working on a new album with nine songs, which was released on her birthday concert in July (127). Her latest music video was shot in mid-June (128). She usually performs live 4-6 times a month, usually in Tokyo and occasionally in Ōsaka.

On July 7th, nonayu announced that she had joined the new group XNDURE (130) under the stage name Kokone Nona (心音のな, Kokone = sound of the heartbeat). Her “member color” is light blue. The first performance will be on July 27th at clubasia in Tokyo.

The journey of nonayu as an idol will hopefully continue for a long time…

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