NOMAKES Are Perfect for Your Easy Sunday Morning Listening

Good morning, gang! Did you know that there are forums on I sometimes forget myself! I had hoped that their creation would give us a place to share random things and chat about them and ask various questions, which does happen from time to time, but the platform hasn’t been a great success … except for when things like this happen!

Brian, the Supreme Nothing himself, is ever so good and getting into idol’s more interesting crevices and pulling out little gems, and he shared this lovely gift the other day. His intro profile of NOMAKES is a nice look at cool indie idols, and rather than hold out for Indie Idol Wednesday, I thought that you might enjoy having this for your Sunday adventures.

If nobody gives me credit for that sick Lionel Richie / Faith No More reference, I’m going to throw up

One thought on “NOMAKES Are Perfect for Your Easy Sunday Morning Listening

  1. I’m all about Lionel Richie and Faith No More, so heck yeah to that! I’m gonna leave that thing about “getting into idol’s crevices” completely alone though. O_O

    On the topic of NO MAKES, these young ladies are among the friendliest idols I’ve encountered on twitter in some time. I got some nice feedback from each of them when I followed their accounts. By all means give em’ a shot!

    And also, I really do wish the forums were more active. I really don’t like Facebook as a company very much, and if it weren’t for my addiction to idols, I’d probably be off the stupid thing by now. The forums could be the kind of hang-out we truly deserve. It’s not just you by any means, a lot of the big internet message boards have dropped off in the wake of FB deciding it wants the entire internet to itself.

    But anyway, I’ll try my best to drop some more goodies in the boards for the adventurous seekers who drift outside of typical social media…

    Furthermore, I keep meaning to ask if you had any interest in adding a non-idol Japanese section to your boards? Sometimes I see stuff that I think Little Maniacs out there would dig, but it’s just simply not “idol”.

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