Nobody Knew It at the Time, But I Was Just Having a Conversation about akugi’s Latest

So just the other day, back when this was happening, I thought to myself, huh, it’s actually been a minute since we last heard from akugi at all, there must be something imminent happening there. And resultingly, because it was on my mind, bringing up akugi while talking with a friend who asked the obligatory just-heard-that-Maniac-does-a-Japanese-music-blog questions of what’s good and what should they check out and what do I personally like now and so it’s basically K-pop no you fool it’s nothing like K-pop there’s less distance between K-pop and modern American R&B than there is between either of those things and just J-pop, let alone the stuff that I write about oh hell what was I talking about? Right, see there’s this one company …

On Monday of this very week, then, with no real connection to the former, my brother messages me to start a conversation about trap metal. This revealed both our mutual passive interest in the form, our general disdain for artists X and Y, and my typing with vigor “lol there really needs to be some idol group that does trapcore or something”.

Forward to today! Thank you, Codomomental, for this morning giving us a refresher on what is for my money your most interesting new project since KAQRIYOTERROR, still with Architect in their name, found their groove several years in the past now. And thank you for this instance of breaking the Codomocore mold (songwriting credits!) inadvertently leading us directly into the path of a speeding freight train that I now fear is going to somehow be normalized into idol genre mores and suddenly it’s going to be face tattoos and misappropriated street fashion and snare rolls everywhere.

Anyway, the window closed hours ago, but you know the drill:

The track is here, hello!


I miss you baby. 君にだけに送るMessage
Doesn’t mean I’m lonely

Don’t worry be Happy とかいらない物語
過去現在未来slowly 紛い物はゴミ
Touch, One more time 見つめる東京に
知ったフリして降る雨 衝動scene

In a world where no one can enter,
I want to fall with you.

翻弄して尚混沌に 鳴ける奔放仕留める音像
(n)翔存亡 Let me know本性
泣いてない なんてない 忘れようとしてるLie
そうじゃない、効果ない いつも君を想うNight

何気ない時間 フラッシュバックよ嫌い…

禁断症状過呼吸慟哭 Ripperみたいな顔

たまゆら 瘡蓋 あやふやなる花札
(離れないremnant落命、Last night天城越え
セピア座 赤裸々 紅花ごとレイヤー


どうしてなの? 瞳閉じる思い描く未来図
悲しみだけ抱いたままで 此処に居る気がしてる
穢れぬよう僕が守る 聞こえるの鎮魂歌

MV’s apparently on the way. I’m just super excited about this group.