No, This Is What the New BiS Will Sound Like

Man, you guys, after the feelings of middling disappointment spawned by hearing Watanabe-sama’s vocal fill-in on the first track from BiS3, I was not feeling good about this whole project’s yet-again comeback. Like, BiS was once upon a time one of the coolest and most important things in music, and while a lot of BiS1’s success can be tied to the personalities involved and the angle that they took to everything, at the heart of it was the fact that their music was that damn good, and that they had the right vocal mix to crush the hell out of it while telling a compelling story about their own personality blend. Even BiS2 had its moments in that regard, but it was, yeah in retrospect but also in real time if you opened yourself to the idea, kind of clearly a knock-off. It just didn’t have the same energy or spawn the same feelings of possibility.

With the latest reboot, one could be forgiven for going into it with diminished expectation. A copy of a copy is, after all, two full orders of magnitude lesser than the original*, and I’ll go ahead and out myself as one of those who felt like BiS was getting another run more to fulfill a contractual obligation to a record label and to sell out remaining IDOL merch inventory. Other people were apparently more than ready for BiS3, though, because the initial announcement of this track’s availability (yesterday) exceeded the download bandwidth and was all but inaccessible. Good thing for Soundcloud, then, and good thing for us — this is a winner:

Oh man, that hits the spot. Like, the absolute spot. That’s a steak with just the right seasoning and sear with perfect potatoes. The only thing missing is the right gravy, which in this allusion is actually pronounced “Pour Lui”, though kind of neat how one of these new girls (which one? I DON’T KNOW WHO’S WHO YET) sounds kind of like Aina the End. Which I guess is also kind of fitting, because for reasons this sounds more like a early-era BiSH song to me than a late-era BiS. That’s also fine; I was primarily concerned that BiS would have been reduced to nothing more than a brand bereft of significance or impact beyond its ongoing ability to sell cheki and t-shirts.

So this is a good turn of events! And it’s apparently possible to get the download of this sucker again:

Please, all gods dark and terrible, let this group’s whole ongoing output be as enjoyable as “STUPiD”.