No One is Doing it Better than PIGGS

Following a surprise one-man live where they announced a surprise new member, PIGGS dropped a surprise MV for their new song, “NAKED BORN NAKED DIE”.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a banger. Since last year’s drop of their debut album, no other unit out there has been releasing music as consistently excellent as PIGGS, and this track definitively extends their streak. 

The short road to this latest release started Thursday with a midnight tweet that a guerilla live would be held later that evening. The short window to enter the lottery for tickets closed just before 10:00 am with winners announced at 2:00 pm for the  6:30 pm show.  For the gig’s encore, Pour Lui and company brought on a surprise fifth member disguised in a pig mask (of course).  The identity of the new member will be fully revealed at the upcoming two-man live on September 18th.

Luckily for us, the encore performance was captured via PIGGS signature Go-Pro mics and uploaded  24 hours later as the above official MV.  All-in all the operation was a perfectly executed guerilla-punk marketing strike. Coupled with the quality of almost every Ryan.B track they release, PIGGS are consistently proving that they are the current masters of punk idol.  No one is doing it better right now, or seems to be having more fun doing it.