No, *Now* You Can Watch the Live Debut of There There Theres

The anticipation was great, the moment dripping with potential as the former-and-reformed Bellring Girls Heart, now christened There There Theres, shared the link to the livestream of their debut stage performance. Hundreds in attendance, thousands watching all over the world as five raven-winged schoolgirls hit all the right notes, made the right steps and showed that, while the faces may change, the essence of BRGH would live on forever. Powerful.

The problem was that the only people who heard anything were the ones in the building.

Oh, and how the kinds of people who are fans of things like BRGH/TTTs not only took that in stride, but made it into a crucial part of the show. Many excellent jokes and many more excellent puns were made. Poor Tanaka had to come out and apologize:

He vowed to fix it, and fix it he did:

Everything you were hoping for? Pretty seamless overall, I think. Granted, when the job description is “deliberately sing off-key and be just not quite coordinated enough to pull off that choreography,” the bar is set in a weird place.

I’m just glad that we didn’t lose one of the more oddly compelling projects in idol.

5 thoughts on “No, *Now* You Can Watch the Live Debut of There There Theres

  1. I’m a new boy to the underground (or any for that matter) idol scene, so I’m coming at this from a newbys point of view,
    In any other genre of music being off key and a bit out of step would put me right off, but it just seems so right for these girls. I’ve been devouring idol videos since just before Christmas and these girls are definitely among my favorites. There is, as you say maniac, something compelling about them I can’t put my finger on,
    and even off key they still sound infinitely better than whiny pants Albarn.

    • I was nodding along until you got to Albarn, and then I laughed. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the BRGH Soundcloud; they added their entire best-of album last year, and it’s such a good ride.

  2. I struggling to keep up with the deluge of mad (often brilliant) music and bonkers videos I’m discovering, but have made time to listen to as much BRGH as I can including their soundcloud uploads. My favorite has to be Room 24-7, it’s a small masterpiece of tone and atmosphere. I didn’t think anyone could out melancholy Joy Division, but a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls with feathers pulled it off. How good is that!

  3. I don’t care to hear them inevitably re-record their back catalog with yet another lineup, but I’m glad the Bellring spirit will live on. I still haven’t fully recovered from the collapse of Especia.
    Their Youtube account changed its name from BRGH-WasteOfLife to TTTS-WasteOfLife. Ain’t nothin’ changed but the name on the mail!

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