No More Puns, Just A.N.otheЯ Song

I am hilarious

So yeah, after being pretty gung-ho about the first good official demo from stop-making-me-type-this flesh-eating zombie idol act A.N.otheЯ, I was significantly less so about the second demo and Weekendered it — yes, that random collection of weekly items does double as a repository of the meh — only to almost immediately thereafter see that there was in fact a third demo, and that third demo is like way better!

Here’s the whole thing:

<I’m adding this to that collection of loudol songs that can’t be described except in terms of their own existence

That’s a lot better, though, and Luna is clearly more than up to the task of delivering quality-ass vocals all on her own. This is something like more groups need, frankly — while most idols can “sing” in the same sense that I, technically adequate but cursed with an unpleasant tone, can “sing” without scaring away children, there just aren’t enough girls who have the pipes to really be a strong lead for a group, which can be fine for wota because wota but is usually bad news for people who are actually just music fans. If Luna is going to be the leader of this thing (need I remind you that they’re aiming for four(!) more members), they’re going to be well-led, at least vocally.