No, Melon Batake a go go Doesn’t Have an Off Switch

Game gotta respect game, and who else in idol, period, maybe ever, brings quite the same level of total creative vision as Soze and Melon Batake a go go? The answer is pretty much nobody! It is right and good to worry about the state of that vision anytime anybody from the depths of chikadom gets picked up by a major label, because of course said label is going to want to direct the show to an extent, but if anybody can brute-force their way through some meddling producer’s insistence on being right, it’s these girls.

And think of the benefits! Like, it’s possible that Melon will, after demonstrating a strong business case and projecting a viable ROI through omnichannel (zzzzzzzzzzzzz) DOING A REALLY GOOD JOB AND MAKING MONEY, get some extra lucre to do neat things with. I am, of course, in this case electing to be an optimist.

But hey! There’s been new Melon stuff lately, in preparation for that move out of the indies, and there’s more of it now!

The first is (yet another) new track that they slipped out the other day:

And then a/the trailer for their movie!

It looks like it’s right on about the same par as a GWAR film like Skulhedface, though maybe not quite as gratuitously nasty.

Now that Babymetal’s all but become a sideshow, somebody arrange for that huge-ass Amuse budget to find its way to Melon, that there be no limits on the kinds of mayhem that this quartet of goofballs can accomplish.