No Big Deal, Just Another Mesmerizing Dots Performance

Happy Monday! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I rather enjoyed Mother’s Day weekend. And a bunch of folks watched Eurovision and checked out the podcast. Good times!

Among my favorite of times is, as you know Dots, who are too good for us and better than any human deserves to have in existence. This is a few days old, but I think it’s a good move for the moment, don’t you? Here’s “Stardust Feedback”:

Speaking of idol as art, you know? Identities? Still completely secret! Music? Pretty unique! Choreography? One of a kind!

It always seems like there’s a lot going on in Dotsville, too. For instance:

Next Music from Tokyo, I’m calling you out! Make the Dots part of the next edition of your tour

3 thoughts on “No Big Deal, Just Another Mesmerizing Dots Performance

  1. You’ve got to wonder if the girls new what they were signing up for when they joined DOTS, and how the concept was sold to them.
    I especially love the one doing the soft shoe shuffle at the start. Looks like they’re having fun, and are giving it they’re all.
    I’ll be really disappointed, but not entirely surprised if they all art school students, and it’s some sort of graduation project.

    • When OTOTOY published that interview, I remember that the youngest was 15! It is a weird sell, though: “Seeking girls 15-20 for idol project. Avant garde. Must bring own white dress.”

  2. I’d imagine there’s few idol group recruitment adverts that would make for interesting reading.
    Guso Drop – must like stage diving, gobbing water over the crowd and watching a load of blokes batter the crap out of each other in the mosh pit. Radiant smile preferred.

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