NILKLY Is as Close of a Spiritual Successor to BRGH/TTTS as We’re Going to Get

In a final ICYMI from the long weekend, I call your attention to the latest progeny of Aqbi Rec boss Tanaka in the aftermath of the demise of flagship project (and chika royalty) THERE THERE THERES, who in turn were by the end basically just Bellring Girls Heart Redux with a membership twist anyway, but also kept the look and music of the original as well as core personnel. Hell, even the Cleveland Browns had a cleaner break!

But in the aftermath of the TTTS breakup, Aqbi announced various spin-offs for the former members, just as had been the case following BRGH, and happened to mention that Mei was staying with the company, and that she’d have her own project to lead. Said project is NILKLY (Twitter), NIL by MEI apparently, and they had their debut live the other day, which was extensively covered by the very hardcore wota who remain dedicated to the Aqbi family the way that I’m dedicated to gardening and auto repair.

This was the scene:

Okay, so the sound quality isn’t that good; I picked this video from among the contenders because of how it captured what it must have been like to be there, all noisy and chaotic and sort of bizarrely black metal. If you want a better listening experience, try this one instead. It’s so good to hear music that’s directly associable with the past work of Bellring and TTTS, and maybe even more importantly see the raven outfits and bizarrely avian choreography back on stage.

So what’s next? A bunch of gigs, no doubt, pairing up with their agency-mates and friends in the scene and seeing where things land. This particular extension of Tanaka’s original vision isn’t entering the lists as such a clear-cut continuation of the past projects, though they’re still pulling the right cheat codes to probably hit it (relatively) big with the core audience. It’ll be curious to see where they land after a few months.

While you’re here, the NILKLY debut was also occasion to celebrate Mei’s birthday, so she did this: