Next Music from Tokyo Tour Details and More!

Friends, do you remember how exciting it was to learn that Yukueshirezutsurezure would be coming to North America this year, and all we needed to know was when and where? We have answers!

If you follow the link, you can see the rough appearance schedule for the tour.

  • May 19 (Fri) Toronto @ ??
  • May 20 (Sat) Toronto @ Lee’s Palace
  • May 22 (Mon) Montreal @ Divan Orange
  • May 23 (Wed) Vancouver @ Biltmore Cabaret (most likely)

This will obviously be updated with more specific time-and-place info as that becomes available, but now you know for when to book your travel / expect weird overnight guests!

Also, while Next Music had to eschew input as to who to invite to fill out the tour roster, you can still see the list of candidates … and, reminder, this is a recurring tour, so you should recommend acts that you think would be of interest for the next round and beyond.

From what I can determine from reading through the Next Music website, I’d say that Guso Drop and Necroma would be prime candidates, or get a little There There Theres or YMM or Yanamyu in there (based on Maison Book Girl’s appearance last year).

This is exciting. I am excited. Hold me.

6 thoughts on “Next Music from Tokyo Tour Details and More!

  1. I love Toronto, but I’ve never been to Montreal. I’m gonna try to hit those three shows since they’re so close together.

    May 23rd’s a Tuesday, so I assume he means the 24th to give them a day to get all the way from Montreal to Vancouver. Not sure if I can pull that off as well…

  2. Heya! I’m hyped as fuck.

    I have a tiny not idol-related request, but still something really important to ask.

    Le Divan Orange in Montreal has been the house of NMFT for at couple of edition, if not since Steve started to bring them to Montreal. I’m a late-comer to the wonders of NMFT. However, they’re in a DIRE financial situation and from the looks of if, might make it until may but also might not?

    I just wanted to know if we as a community could circulate their Gofundme (There is english text after the French). Considering we are into small, alternative bands, they also need affordable venues to perform and Montreal’s scene is really struggling, as a ton of awesome venues have chosed due to the rent being too expensive.

    I humbly pray to the community/the Fox God/retroactively sacrifice my virginity to Pikarin if you can help making this happen.

    (Also, I am not affiliated with the venue in any way, I’m just an enthusiastic fan)

    • I was bummed out to read that Soy Bomb had been closed down (by nazis, even? somewhat, or almost, or actual nazis?) That seemed like a really cool venue and I was hoping to check it out some day. The Vancouver venue had its exit re-routed last year to not bother the neighbours (you moved in across the street from a live music venue, and you’re making noise complaints?) but it’s not going anywhere as far as I know 🙂

  3. Don’t we have any eccentric millionaires among our UK brethren who can pull something similar?
    Failing that, I’m sure we can crowdfund the expenses of one idol to do a tour of acapella performances in our living rooms (as long as she is happy to sleep in said living rooms). Since it’s my idea I nominate Maina SSFW (or Maina SSAW as we will correctly bill her).
    It is you who will be jealous, North America!

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