New Kamen Joshi Song Is Ridiculously Disjointed, Also Pretty Rad

The Power of Community™! Joint credit for putting this lots-of-things-in-a-blender brightness mugging of a song goes to Tara44DD and our Corenament MVP @char_tee_saki; clarification on Kamen Joshi whos and whats was provided by Jaxson. Enjoyment of the song is for the rest of us!

I’m opting for the live version specifically to highlight that this isn’t just your average run-of-the-mill performance.

And what exactly is going on here? Via Jaxson:

The collaborator is Kenichi Mikawa, a male enka singer that had several hit songs in 60’s and 70’s. Most recently reviving his career by adopting the “elder sister” style. Frequent appearances on TV talk and variety shows and a regular performer on Kohaku Uta Gassen.

That’s pretty interesting, actually. I’m out of snark on this one.

Here’s the officially recorded version, on which you can even better appreciate the overall level of “Kamen Joshi happened, what?” in the song:

3 thoughts on “New Kamen Joshi Song Is Ridiculously Disjointed, Also Pretty Rad

  1. Thanx for the xtra info. Gotta admit, after 3 listens, the male vocal cut is the best one,adds an xtra bit of weirdness. I was warned not to get involved with this lot, I’m afraid it may be to late. I can feel that last bit of sanity being eaten away, …..slowly. Signed, penniless and happy in Akiba.

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