New Interview and Video Intro for Yukueshirezutsurezure

First things first, the interview is (of course) in Japanese and not translated like this one, but if anybody who can read it does so and can give an opinion on whether it’s interesting enough to warrant a translation, I’d love that little bit of advice.

Second: Loogit! Real-deal live video of their real human faces!

“Kokoko desu” kills me.

They look very different without filters and retouching!

This whole business pertains directly to their next / first single, a double A-side that I’m hoping is as soul-chilling as much of the rest of their work; if there’s one team of idols that I think is already completely perfect and doesn’t ever need to change anything, it’s Tsurezure.

I am relieved to see that they still do have human arms, though.

5 thoughts on “New Interview and Video Intro for Yukueshirezutsurezure

  1. I listened to them pronounce the damn group name like 10 times and I still cannot say it correctly fml.

    • I found it easiest whilst listening to the last track of their EP where they say it a lot. It’s just a lot of syllables, but I think I was pronouncing the first “zu” too much, so it’s just “yu-ku-e-shi-rez-tsu-re-zu-re”… yeah, what a mouthful >_< Curiously in that song they do the tsu-re-zu-re bit before the yu-kue-shi-rez, which helps separate it out a bit.

  2. When I get internet on my laptop I’ll look into translating that interview! Should be either tomorrow or early next week.

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