New DISDOL Is Great for Thursday Hurtsday

Gosh darn, you guys, was I aware that DISDOL had a single coming out next week? I feel like I wasn’t — the last thing I remember being aware of was Airi’s graduation after having been an idol for literally half of her life — so this was a nice surprise when Pure Idol Heart waved it at me the other day:

This is actually one of the B-sides, if I’m looking at the info on the single correctly, so interesting that it’s what they’re putting out as a promo. Might there be an MV on the way? It only took forever and a day for them to give us “VICTORIA” last year, after all.

Here’s the trailer for the whole single:

They look different now with Natsumi and Airi both graduated, don’t they? Not just without the two ex-leaders, even; I mean, their whole presentation has shifted. They’re still cool and good, just different.

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