New Deathrabbits Video Amid Absolute Chaos

You may remember this recent news that, due to financial malfeasance, the much-maligned Bucho — manager, male/death vocalist, stormtrooper — of Deathrabbits was being purged from the group’s rolls, and there was a possible last-ever live coming up and, well, some people were stoked and others were sad and others were puzzled because they had no idea what was going on. Being the responsible and respectful purveyor of idol news that I am, I did everything possible to stoke the fires of rampant speculation.

Things just keep getting weirder! First:

That’s from a week ago — if they got 200 retweets, they’d release a video that they were obviously already shooting, for a song called “Anger.” How curious! And, predictably, they got those 200 RTs in a hot minute because the Deathrabbits Army does not mess around.

Then, yesterday, the president of the Deathrabbits Fan Club shared on Facebook his post on the official fan club blog about how and why it’s silly to think that Bucho’s actually being fired, it’s all just a big fun joke and don’t worry if you like Bucho. Peter is a good and true human being, and I do believe that he is psychic, because not eight hours later … the “Anger” video was released!

That’s a fine little Deathrabbits song! It sounds an awful lot like where they were going on their pretty darn all right recent album. Of course, the theme and situation and Bucho-is-a-weirdo of the whole thing does lead one to believe that perhaps something truly is afoot, at least in terms of a very long con being played.

For instance.

In fact, against thanks to Peter because he is nothing if not persistent, there are already details about this single.

3 thoughts on “New Deathrabbits Video Amid Absolute Chaos

  1. This is quite the drama. I wonder perhaps if this is the last “DEATHRABBITS”, and we will endure a name change to “BUCHORABBITS”, or something of that nature.

    The girls seem to be in top form, as usual.

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