New (and Re) Release Info from Yukueshirezutsurezure

This was literally yesterday’s news, but I didn’t get around to it until late in the day and figured WEEKEND! But Tsurezure revealed at their tour final for Post-Catastrophe that they remain committed to Codomomental release schedules with this pair.

Number 1: Remember that EP of theirs that got a bunch of album attention in the Best of 2016? It’s coming back, re-recorded with the current membership:

Four editions, all limited, end of February. That’s all so far, but I can see people tripping over themselves to get a crack at that. Looks in mirror …

And if you were waiting for new material, it won’t be long after that:

A new single, as yet untitled (unless the title is “TBA,” and why not), will be out at the beginning of March, and they’re going to follow their big sisters’ lead by going on a seven-cities one-man tour to support it. That’s more than they did for this album!

A thought struck me, too, so I checked — they made this announcement one year to the day after their very first video hit YouTube and a string of unfathomable emotional turmoil was unleashed upon the world. Happy belated kind-of birthday, Tsurezure!

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  1. I wonder when the 4 editions will be available for pre-order. You know I need all the things……… yep, all of them

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