Emerging Units to Keep an Eye On: New and New to Us #04

We have mentioned before how 2022 has seen an explosion of new indie and underground idol units with many showing signs of exceptional promise. That trend has continued over the past month, so we have again collected several of the new groups we’ll be watching most closely here.

We also have to commend these new idol units for coming up with much better names this year. It got so bad last year that we felt compelled to create a Questionable Name category for the 2021 year-end awards (won in a landslide by Anal Sex Penis, of course; STAiNY and C.LiTZ really dodged a bullet there). Other than a couple of notable exceptions (I’m looking at you, Makenai Bokura wa, Ame no Furu Sekai de Neko to Odoru.), new unit names have been much improved in 2022. Case in point:


Unveiled just this past weekend, the announcement of this new unit surprised us all with a couple of very familiar faces.


That is Michelle, now going by Michelle Noir, who we know from her tenure with NECROMOMIDOL and work as a V-Tuber. She is joined in this new unit by Ragunaroku (or “Ragnarok”), who you may remember as Roku Rokuroku of LAST IN MY CULT, Rikka Yotsuya of No Plan. or from her presence in the Harajuku fashion scene.

Since the unit’s name is a mouthful, they have also, thankfully, announced their official abbreviation: “DEVIKIR”. They officially debut on June 17th. Until then, we have this teaser.


Also holding their debut live in June are JILLASTED, an idol unit financed entirely via crowdfunding that will be overseen by an “idol management company made with idol otaku.”

The project is the brainchild of Toda Corone who will also produce and perform as a unit member. She just celebrated her sixth year as an idol and you may remember her as a founding member of BLACKNAZARENE or her tenure in ONE BY ONE or atME.


While awaiting their debut, JILLASTED have filled their fledgling YouTube channel with lots of introductory teasers and member interviews.


Debuting in early May, IZANAGI call themselves “Outsider Idols” trying to make connections to others through music. They are produced by Ichiho Shirahata who is also known as soloist ichihoPOPgazer and a former member/manager of Gekijouban Gokigen Teikoku∞.

Their debut single was composed by Yuyoyuppa, best known as a vocaloid composer and member of N.I.C.K alongside vocaloid composer Yuyoyuppe who composed many of BABYMETAL’s best songs. They also look very similar and I’m not entirely sure that they aren’t the same person. I would love some clarification on that point.

UPDATE: I have been directed to this confirmation that Yuyoyuppa is the younger brother of Yuyoyuppe.


Quietly debuting back in November, hip hop duo, THE ORGANICS, combine deep house, soul and jazz on their very chill tracks.

Although their debut album and MV may have slipped our notice at the time of release, it’s not too late to remedy that oversight and add the excellent, She side story to your playlist.

Honda-San’s Living Room

Possibly the most unusual group on this list, Honda-San’s Living Room is a “Family Idol” unit with all members sporting the “Honda” surname including an official child member, Kotori.  Their aim is to portray a close family whose members sometimes coexist together happily, but other times engages in arguments to the point of violence.

Abbreviated as “HONLIVI”, they are overseen by former Wa-Suta producer Suzuki Manaka. They caught our attention with their debut music video, “Dead and Painful Night”, that seems to be attempting to give DEEP GIRL’s, “I KILL” a run for the most yami of all yami-kawaii MVs.


Debuting in Osaka on Friday, AXELIGHT is a sister unit to fellow we-B agency-mate PassCode.

While they have only just completed a single live, they have already dropped their first full album. Check it out on your streaming service of choice.


Debuting back in April, Nagoya’s JIEMEI is the alt-rock sister unit of DARE MO SHIRANAI who we featured in last month’s New and New To Us round-up. We don’t know much more about them, but we love DARESHINAI so we expect good things.


Likewise, we don’t know much about MAD MEDiCiNE beyond that they debuted about a month ago and just dropped this thoroughly delightful MV for their first single, “Perfect Crime ※420”. We do think that they need to host a taiban with  MAD JAMIE, MADMAO and MAD VIOLET with special guests MAD CAPSULE MARKETS.

Girls Crying in Bathroom

Unveiled just days ago, this new unit describe themselves as a high-concept dance/vocal group of bright girls who have a delicate inner side full of conflict. Their tagline is, “They will wear your tears and surely turn them into power”.

While their description and moody teasers evoke an image of a next generation Maison book girl, their first MV channels more of a hip hop/soul vibe.

So, those are the new units that have caught our attention over the past month or so. Feel free to let us know about any of your recent discoveries here, on Twitter, or over on the Homicidols Discord server.

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