New and New to US: Emerging Idol Units, Report #02

Welcome to the second edition of our report on units that have recently caught our attention for the first time. From seemingly well-financed projects backed by veteran agencies to truly independent units fueled by little more than dreams, here are some truly promising new groups that we think are worth adding to your watch list.

On the treat Super Season

Debuting early last August, On the treat Super Season is a six-member unit produced by Ary, formerly of uijin. Members include Ebihara Ten, formerly known as Sheishei Shiei of LAST IN MY CULT.

For a relatively new unit, they have quickly amassed a pretty substantial discography, including an EP and six digital singles. Their math rock-meets-EDM sound is reminiscent of what I imagine DaiDaiDai would sound like if they shacked up with Dempagumi.Inc 

Makenai bokura wa, ame no furu sekai de neko to odoru。

The most highly anticipated debut on our radar is 「Makenai bokura wa, ame no furu sekai de neko to odoru。」which translates to, “We, who are not defeated, dance with cats in a rainy world.” 

Although they don’t begin activities until March 27, they heightened our attention yesterday when they unveiled their membership. We were very happy to see former Wagamama Kiite?? alum, Asaka, in the lineup who we last saw in 2020 scuttling plans for a new group due to Corona. We have high expectation for this latest project from MOTHER EARTH.


APAD (short for “Approval Addiction”) debuted last month and describe themselves as  “a mixed idol unit with LGBTQ members that is not bound by prejudice or stereotypes so that it can become a guidepost for socially vulnerable people and minorities”.

They dropped their first MV earlier this week highlighting a DIY punk attitude and aesthetic that we found completely endearing.  We’re all in!!

Saikyo Idol Project

SIP (not be confused with SIPP) debuted late last year. They have dropped one really strong MV channeling more power metal vocals than we’re used to seeing from chika idols, which was enough to get our attention. They’re also in an active battle for a slot at TIF 2022. 

Their YouTube channel is also pretty fun, including this excellent BiSH cover.


Last, but certainly not least, we have the winners of our recently revived Monday Match Up, MELTY GHOST CLUB.

This new agency-mate of Planck Stars debuted earlier this month at the Hiroshima Peace Café and, so far,  we’re pretty obsessed with them.  In addition to their Scooby Doo aesthetics, they have a maid rabbit, a black cat, a member whose name is simply, “Dog”, and made their youngest member the unit leader. So far, we only have one single and MV from them (composed by dirty magiq who has also written songs for INUWASI and Devil ANTHEM.), but they promise that their second single is coming soon.

Halloween is Every Day!!

If you see a unit that you think we should be paying attention to, be sure to let us know over on the Homicidols Discord Server.