NEVE SLIDE DOWN Would Like for You To Pay Attention, Please

Well well well! There were a number of new videos that I thought might make their way out to the world this morning, but NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s “Mellow dawn” was not one of them. I just found out that the single even existed! But now here we are, and … yeah, considering that I first saw this as the first weak-ass rays of sunlight were entering my world, the whole “mellow” and “dawn” thing was a fittingly inaccurate tease.

You’re awake now

What even is this song? For instance, Malcolm Mask McLaren was the original spotlight for the morning — they could have done this. But then if PassCode or some other vocoder-reliant group were to take that song and cover it and give it a few little extra pop punk purple nurples, that’s roughly what you get here.

That’s good work, NEVE SLIDE DOWN. Fans, especially folks who have their EP, is this in line with that record, or is it something a little different yet?

4 thoughts on “NEVE SLIDE DOWN Would Like for You To Pay Attention, Please

  1. You mean YOU haven’t got the EP? You’re a damned fool, man. It did eventually surface on worldwide itunes in case that passed you by.

    No this doesn’t sound like anything off “That’s Not My Real Name”. This seems to me an odd choice for a single. I mean it’s…nice but for a relatively new group, I don’t think it really shows the world what they’re about. Sounds more like an album closing track.

    However, not speaking the language, I am aware I’m probably missing a lot of what they’re trying to convey, but what is this site for if not for exchanging our worthless uninformed opinions?

  2. Out now and another one with a kickass B-side concealed behind the meh. Strangely this one’s not on international itunes but is on other places like Amazon.

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